37 thoughts on “♦Part 4♦ No Breakup Or Divorce Staying Committed To Your Marriage ❃Bishop T D Jakes❃

    1. Remember what the devil meant for your bad God meant it for your good, sometimes we might not understand it but God does just began to praise him Hallelujah!!! To our King of Kings and Lord of Lord Amen

  1. This is so true marriages all over the world are suffering, my prayer for marriages is that they start allowing God to take over the situation and us ourselves cause without God its impossible, Amen

  2. Pastor I went through a stroke and a divorce all in the span of 6 months. My ex husband and I are watching your 5 part sermon.we feel like we can make this work out for our 4 children and for each other. Because we divorced for something small, God continues to bless you thank you

  3. Yes I’m glad I’m watching wut ur preaching TD Jake’s cuz I gave up on my marriage n my husband cuz I feel I am in hell with my husband n I was going to go get the divorce papers cuz I can’t do this any more with my husband n his kids turn on me cuz he said stuff to his kids n I jst gave up on everything…I cant do this but I watch this n I pray to God to help me with my marriage n my husband cant change so I gave up….n let the devil win n everyone is happy including my husband….cuz I dnt feel comfortable with my husband n his kids….I dnt now wut to do any more……

    1. @ V.T. ❣ PRAYERS and blessings. God first, seek counseling. Kids should never be in adult relationships. Things said/spoken can never be taken back. You may forgive but it’s never forgotten. Ask God for direction, listen to the spirit that never sleeps. The answer is there. PRAYERS..to you Val

  4. When you take everything to God in prayer and wait on an answer wait now then things will work out much better,but we got to take everything to our GOD in prayer and wait on him it’s not going to be peaches and cream it will work if you let go and let GOD Amen

  5. My husband and i separated so…i dont even know what to pray to God for because my marriage was toxic…my husband and i need time apart to clear out head and think things thru

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  7. It’s like they ready to make love in the place
    Women talking to women and he is talking about marriage? That’s the house of the devil

    1. Stephanie Price that’s not the time and place to be hugging in God’s house and they are not greeting? and why he called all those people up to the front? Who did that in the Bible?

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    1. Mia Hughes I feel you comment the must mine got mad because after he changed for 1 year I would forget about the 4 years he cheated he always up and leave when time get hard and goes back to where he from which is 12 hours away wants to come back when I get it together he left me Sunday no words anything then lied and told his family I put him out he likes to pin everybody against each other

  11. This is off topic a little. I have a question to ask bishop Td jakes. I am remarried in my 3rd marriage. 1st marriage my husband cheated and beat me so I cheated back. 2nd marriage my husband was got on crack, cheated and stole everything from me and left and married the woman he cheated with so we divorced. This is my 3rd marriage, we both have living ex spouses. I was told as long as I am married to my current spouse while our exs are still living we are going to hell.. I’m so scared, I got my life in order and working so hard to make it to heaven I don’t want to go to hell.

    If I am remarried, am I committing adultery? Me and my current husband has repented from remarrying. We are both saved and trying to make it into heaven.

    1. Aurelia G For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;

      24 Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.

      You getting divorced is not what will send you to hell. It’s not determined by how many good actions we take, if it were that meant we save ourself . It’s about accepting Jesus is Lord and he is our savior . We will never be able to to do enough right to get us to heaven. The Bible has justified ppl getting divorced because 1. Adultery and 2. Neglect . Abuse can be neglect when they were suppose to love you and cherish you

    2. @Isis Furet I am constantly depressed about this. It just doesn’t seem right to divorce my current husband who is saved and living for the Lord and loves me so much. That person told me to go back to my now crackhead husband who has lost everything, jobless and standing in an abandoned house or remain single. Me and my current husband has a house together and my young adult 3 kids still are home. I cant imagine myself divorcing him but I surely don’t want to go to hell😪😪. So yes, I just needed clarification

    3. Aurelia G divorcing your now husband would just mean another divorce … whoever told you that might not be reading the same bible . We are saved by grace not by works.

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