050 – The 3 Phases of Saving Your Marriage

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Your marriage must go through these to survive and thrive
Text: For the many marriages Liam Naden has helped, ALL of them without exception have gone through 3 distinct phases. In this new podcast episode Liam describes what these phases are and how to apply them to save your own marriage. Included are some of the most important questions you must answer if you want to save your marriage and ways to apply these 3 phases to any marriage problem or situation.
The episode is accompanied by a worksheet download to help you further to understand and apply the ideas.

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One thought on “050 – The 3 Phases of Saving Your Marriage

  1. going through 2nd separation in last year- this time attorneys are involved & we have filed for divorce. we both were dysfunctional & partially co dependent & she displayed a lot of emotional abuse. we went to marriage counseling for 3 years individually & collectively….. hate that things got so ugly. what makes this extra hard is when things were great they were GREAT- however when things were bad they were really BAD! through counseling and research she displayed some borderline personality disorder & or narcissistic traits….. I am passive & went along to get along which led to resentment. We have been apart 6 weeks this time & waiting on attorneys to come to an agreeable solution. we have no kids together- just from previous marriages. really appreciate our church friends praying for us & I know there’s always hope. just can’t think of getting back together & going through this a 3rd time. I’m absolutely haunted by some of the things she has text/e-mailed me mostly projecting her hurt onto me & blaming me for most everything. we both have went from being angry to wanting to reach out to each other. confusing time to say the least. I ended up having to get an anti depressant & anti anxiety med to be able to sleep & control racing negative fearful thoughts. I continue to work exercise & am fortunate to have a core group of friends to lean on. I know this is a short version of my story & I greatly appreciate your videos. I think if I saw her in person I would totally break down & forget all the hurt-however in my heart I feel it wouldn’t last & not 100% she even wants that anyway….. thank you for any advice at this point

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