146 – Spend $3 Save Your Marriage

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After many months and the world completely falling for a hoax as big as the globe lie, we are back with a quick podcast to get caught up. We talk about the world situation and answer a bunch of speakpipes. We hope to get more shows out on a regular basis as long as Matt can stop making babies for a few minutes.

We spoke about a video on the DITRH YouTube channel called "The Truth in 5 Minutes" and since this was recorded, YouTube struck it down because it disagreed with what the W.H.O. says. You can find it here. .

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18 thoughts on “146 – Spend $3 Save Your Marriage

  1. Im in Bklyn and can’t wait to get out of here and start a homestead. This is getting outta control. I been here all my life over 48 years and its worse then it has ever been. I grew up in the Lowa E. Side and I’ve seen bad.

  2. I do want to share my testimony with these guys. They have no idea the impact they have had on an old retired cop and other things that if I type , would censor my response. My life has come thru such an incredible journey. And I’d love to tell Matt especially. He has no idea how covertly I’ve used he and David’s videos .

  3. The Guy who did the CO2 test, his name is Del Bigtree. He is a Medical Journalist. He also produced the show “The Doctors”. Since then he has bcome one of the biggest Medical Freedom (Anti-Vaxx) proponents in the world. He has a GREAT show on youtube. Its called The Highwire. Check him out. His vaccine information is unmatched. And its ALL FACTS! But he believe in space so….. lol

  4. “We’re like the Globebusters show – haven’t figured it out in 6 years”. We have only been on for slightly over 5 so the joke’s on you. 😉 Really great to hear the podcast back on Matt! Now if you could just get rid of that shilly co-host of yours it would be epic!

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