3 Things To Do If You Want to Save Your Marriage – The Dr. Joe Show

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Your spouse wants out of the marriage.

You don't. You love your husband/wife and can't understand why s/he no longer loves you.

Is there hope?


Unfortunately, most people in your situation do the wrong things…things that in reality make it less likely you can put the marriage back together. In a previous podcast, Dr. Joe Beam and his special guest Jim Pourteau explained three things NOT to do if you want to save your marriage. In this program, they explain three things that you MUST do if you wish to keep your marriage alive.

These are not three magic steps that guarantee your marriage will survive. They are three crucial things to understand and put into practice that will help you save your marriage if anything will. The odds? Excellent. Workshops for marriages in crisis that Dr. Beam developed have a 75% success rate even if one spouse wants out of the marriage and has absolutely no desire for it to continue.

Join Dr. Beam and his special guest, relationship expert Jim Pourteau, for this eye-opening program that will equip you with the knowledge you need as well as direct you to the right help if you need help to save your marriage.

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38 thoughts on “3 Things To Do If You Want to Save Your Marriage – The Dr. Joe Show

  1. Is it normal for my husband to watch pictures of naked women, normal? He knows this bothers me but he continues.

  2. the only problem here is, it will never work out if your partner wont want to fix it. specially now that the other woman can fulfill his financial needs and give him the easy life we cannot have together. he was here last sunday, caught me so drunk and i stated hurting him, i passed out.he now blocked me. i feel so low

  3. I disagree about the porn situation.. I think because it’s so easy now that the temptation is huge.. that if a man keeps watching it…it can become an addiction…

  4. I really miss my True Husband And I do want to make things right but he has to make things right and be a man and own up .That is how I am feeling insignificant and For me it is UnLoved and also invisible.

    1. I’m so sorry. But I bet that ALL the other people you care about really love you. At least try to remember that. 🙂

  5. This is an excellent podcast. Thank you. But I do feel disappointed when readers take the time to comment, but don’t receive a reply. Bellann Leary needs to hear from you.

  6. “I don’t feel loved
    I don’t feel liked
    I don’t feel respected”

    If that’s why people really get divorced then they are selfish, petty children. Why? Because in most cases, it’s all in their heads! And then instead of actually trying to solve the problem, they simply make their whole family suffer by abandoning them. At a certain point you just have to call them out.

    1. its not selfish when its your entire life that you have to spend with that kind of feeling, your stuck with that kind of partner for life and it can lead to mental and health problems if its constant for years. iand that feeling does not come out of no where it is something that the partner is doing/saying constantly that can cause people to reach that decision. ignoring or neglecting that feeling can lead to severe consequences. if that feeling is once in a while than obviously people don’t normally jump to divorce.

    2. @shila chowdhury I understand. I have been treated cruelly myself. But there are a lot of people who trash their marriages and then pretend they have some real excuse. That’s what I’m talking about.

    3. @Valiant Woman my wife is doing that to me now… i told her how I felt and how she is making me feel in this time but she turns it around on me and attacks me for how I feel. Im getting tired of just taking the hits.

    4. @Pierce Ryan Her behaviour is selfish and idiotic. I’m sorry to hear this. If she is still committed to the marriage, things will probably just improve. It’s always worth hanging in there. I’m really referring to the people who abandon their marriage (typically because of their own adultery) who then blame the faithful spouse. Idiots.

  7. The problem with porn, no matter what the motivation, is that it creates or encourages lust, which is a vice. This leads to shame. Which leads to acting out either with more porn, or adultery, or perversion. This leads to more shame etc and it’s a vicious cycle. Exactly the wrong thing is to expect wives to do kinky sex stuff. Exactly the right thing is to expect husbands to grow in virtue and purity.

    1. There is no correlation whatsoever with the number of married men who looks like pornography and his likelihood of getting divorced. There are lots of men who never look at pornography but in the end had to divorce, and there are lots of men who have a large stash of pornography but are in happy and loving marriages.

    2. @bluemountain555 Firstly, I’d like to see any serious statistics on this and secondly, this sounds like an apology for porn, which as I say is evil, degrading, and disgusting.

    3. @Valiant Woman Thailand and Japan produce a lot of pornography, yet the divorce rates are relatively low. Countries like Mexico, Ireland, and Italy allow pornography and their divorce rates are extremely low. On the other hand, there are “strict” countries like Cuba, Egypt, Belarus, and Iran that ban pornography, but yet their divorce rate in those countries is much higher than those other countries. Because of these exceptional examples, there’s bound to be more and as such, there’s no strong correlation and proof that higher pornography produces a higher divorce, and vice versa. Finally on a most personal perspective, my father had a lot of pornography and their my parents marriage is rosy and loving for over 45+ years, and I have friends whose fathers were fundamentalist Christians and never had any pornography, and their their parents still divorced nevertheless.

    4. @bluemountain555 Well, you go right on ahead and enjoy your filthy evil perverted pleasures. Don’t let me stop you. As for divorce – the issue is complex, but in general, lenient divorce laws will create more divorce. Also, my original post said nothing about divorce anyway.

  8. No matter how hard you try you can’t save a marriage on your own…you can change, you can do back flips, you can literally save the planet or someone. The other party has to want to see the changes and the good you do…if they don’t want to you’re on your own

  9. My therapist told me that most women like my wife that’s has gone through what shed been through as a child never have successful relationship.Its a possibility that my wife is bipolar and she doesnt know it nor does she takes care of her health. 20 years later I’ve paid the price for her mental & emotional instability

    1. damaris onofrei I feel your pain. I’m in the same situation. It’s been over 3 months for me. He’s in love with someone else and left my daughter and I. The pain is so bad. We’ve been married for 21 years. I’m told it will get better. I just want to go to bed and wake up in 2 year’s time. I hope you feel easier soon. 💕

  10. My husband and I seperated he told me felt unloved and unappreciated. I admit I’m guilty of not showing him how I feel but I do love him I’ve been trying to work on my pies what else can I do

  11. If you want to get the most from this podcast dont read the comments because they are riddled with judgmental comments against both partners who are both clearly hurting in some way and seeking help. So don’t absorb the negativity.

  12. what do you do when your partner knows and acknowldges what he’s not doing right and accepts his fault yet, he refuses to take steps to fix it and does not want you to reach out for help as well?

  13. Great video:
    1) Look at what the really problem is

    (It’s not about “the
    other woman” or the fight you just had):

    – people don’t
    leave what they have unless they think what they’re going to is

    What have I been doing to show disrespect, dislike,
    or unlove, or what about our relationship is doing the same three
    things, and what might my spouse be feeling about these three

    2) Focus on You

    -This isn’t in regard
    to the problem, but you can only control yourself, you can only
    control your own thoughts and boundaries. Take the focus on what you
    think the other spouse should be doing – focus on you. Control is
    not love. You can’t control the other person or the situation.
    “Work on “you” FOR you. Examine yourself. Work on your P.I.E.S.
    It’s not about changing you in your core – it’s about
    adapting, and seeing yourself the way others see you. Your spouse may
    have needs I haven’t been able to see before or been willing to
    meet before. Be your best version, and be a part of the solution, not
    part of the problem.

    – Communicate in an authentic way.
    Not complaining, but with calmness, and vulnerability. Learning to
    communicate this way is learning to communicate in a more healthy way

    3) Get the right help.

    “No matter what it looks like right now, it is no indicator what your future is” Have a vision for your relationship for you and your family and take actions to create the relationships you dream of

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