8 Signs Your Marriage Is Over – The 8 Stages Of Marriage

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♥ 8 Signs Your Marriage Is Over – The 8 Stages Of Marriage

In this presentation, we will show you the 8 signs/stages your marriage is over.

These stages are what men and women don't know about marriage, even after their marriage is nearly over.

Stage #1 – Pleasant: Firstly, in their marriage life, couple feel pleasant, they communicate openly, they feel safe with each other, they like each other.

Stage #2 – Comfortable: Later, in their marriage life, couple feel comfortable, causal, they tolerate with each other, and they also take for granted.

Stage #3 – Confused: Couple started misunderstanding each other, they become selfish. They looks for friends for release.

Stage #4 – Struggling: Couple started feeling angry with each other, they felt frustrated, they blamed each other.

Stage #5 – Miserable: Couple started attacking each other, they defensed themselves, they felt distant from each other. Chaos mentality turned on.

Stage #6 – Point of No Return: Couple started avoiding each other, they planned to divorce.

Stage #7 – Disconnected: Couple felt they are done, they closed, and cold-hearted.

Stage #8 – Divorce: They cut off from each other.

If your marriage was in stage #2 to stage #5, it is not easy, but just a bit difficult to reverse your marriage back to happy stage.

But if you marriage was in stage #6 to stage #8, it is very difficult to save your marriage.

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