21 thoughts on “A Doomed Marriage Saved by Prayer

  1. God brought those two together for a reason and through prayer they Carr still married and loving each other more each day because of one person laying down their life for God.

  2. Thank you for your testimony I am going through a similar situation with my husband I don’t wanna get divorce I know Jesus is the only way.

  3. My wife wants a divorce and says she’s not in love anymore. I caused her so much pain . I’m asking God to change my ways and heal our marriage. Pray that he change me.

    1. You are the only one you can change. If you are aware you were wrong that is a big component in transforming yourself and receiving healing. Bless you

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  4. My husband filed for divorce. I don’t want to. I’m not giving up on us. God is good? I have faith in Jesus! He can and will restore my marriage!

  5. Please pray for God to restore marriage soon! He has told me he will restore it! He has called me to stand for marriage even though my husband and I have been divorced since Feb of 2017. Please pray pray!!

  6. I believe in Jesus 100% but I don’t buy these mainstream tv stories where all these peoples lives were “immediately changed” the first time they went to a church, and it was happy ever after following that. That’s not how it works. Yes, Jesus does work some incredible miracles in your life but stories like this can drive people away from Christ if he doesn’t immediately change their entire lives.

  7. Please pray for me and my wife Ann. She is divorcing me and it’s my fault but I do not want a divorce. I hope God will save my marriage and family.

  8. I discovered this saving marriage guide “bomto comely date” (Google it) to be very helpful and also informative, and there were occasions which I thought there was a spy in our house as the articles were so personally related. The last time I checked, we`ve told each other to be separated and get the divorce. Right now, we`re exchanging words like “Maybe we should be together for another 3 decades.”

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