35 thoughts on “Better Marriage Blanket

  1. “Made with the same stuff used by the military to protect against chemical weapons.” Laughing so hard I can’t breath…

  2. “Makes the perfect anniversary gift!” Lmfao Yeah, bet she’d follow it up with the gift of divorce papers and an alimony agreement. (Or he’d follow his received gift up with an ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET of super bean chili, broccoli {extra butter and extra cheese}, burrito {with jalepeños, extra refried beans and extra sour cream}, deep fried mushrooms, fried chicken, cabbage and coleslaw to “test the blanket out.”…. and then tell her she should have gotten the “industrial strength version” if you still want to complain!”

    BTW if this was something that was actually *needed*, the smart person wouldn’t even mention that they bought it… just hide it between the sheet and comforter.

    Lastly, $120 bucks???? For that price it should make the bed too!! Beano would be much cheaper… Just saying. 😉

  3. I have sent men running for windows and caused a car full of people to gag.
    You think your blanket can withstand my mutant powers?

  4. It doesn’t eliminate the farts, it just absorbs them into the carbon filter layer. Eventually you will be sleeping wrapped up in a blanket of old farts.

    1. Just getting into bed every night smells like a dusky fart. Even after washing the sheets numerous times with several of those Tide pods and 2 cap fulls of those Downey pellets. You ruined the sheet after a heavy night of binge eating at Taco Bell and White Castle ??

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