25 thoughts on “Billy Graham – marriage and the home – San Antonio TX

  1. so true very hard to meet a good Christian woman Bible is a awesome book love reading and studying it prayers to all in Jesus name amen love you all

  2. I really needed to hear this as I have been thru 2 other marriages and divorced. I thank God he forgave me and brought back to him.

  3. What a blessing for America to have known this man preaching the gospel and living in intigriti. The problem Is now ‘You’ and ‘I’ ‘What are we doing with the Bit of time that God has given us.

  4. Thank you Lord Jesus for bringing me to hear about your lo’ve for me from Billy Graham. I love you and need your help.

    1. If you dont believe in Jesus who is the true and living God. Please do not mock Him. He is God who came in the flesh into this world. Read the Bible. Please

    2. @Jennifer Moodley I have read the Bible. The book is full of contradictions, crimes, genocide and ridiculous childish stories.
      I have no respect for Bible.

    3. Holulu777 I don’t know what religion you follow but is it something like you have to marry by any means? Jesus did not came in this world to marry he came in this world to take away our sin.

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