41 thoughts on “Can a Baby Save Your Marriage?

  1. I couldn’t pay attention to anything that was being said because the plant
    was disturbing, please tell me it’s not just me… o.O

    1. +Amira Fazl I wish she would dye her hair back to black, but I remember her
      saying that she doesn’t really like black hair on her and only kept it that
      way for her husband.

    2. +Josie I know, I wish she would too! but if she likes it then that’s all
      that matters! She looks beautiful either way 🙂

    1. +Meesta kevin right now they dont,but when the comment was made I was
      thinking about the divorce rumors (after the elevator incident)… when
      Beyonce perform at the VMAs and JayZ was in the audience with Blue Ivy
      waving at her mother…u tell me that wasnt a Public relation move…

    2. lol the one time in 4 years that they bring their daughter to watch her mom
      perform and receive an honorary award? Do you accuse all other celebrities
      hanging out with their kids as a PR move? These people are just human
      beings like us. Always judging their every move is ridiculous

  2. Yet these jerks keep pressuring Jeannie into having a baby!
    Misery LOVES company! Stay Childfree Jeannie.

  3. No, a child won’t save a marriage. Look at all these broken families
    already with children basically being raised by one parent. If the couple
    doesn’t love each other and can’t get along, leave the baby out, get
    counseling or whatever. Fix the problem first. Children deserve too much
    and they are not a bandaid.

    1. i know she always says her husband loves blondes. hope thats not why she
      changed her hair because she looks stunning in dark hair.

  4. Jeannie looks stunning with the dark hair. I hope she will go back to her
    natural color. I get she was probably bored with it and wanted a change
    just to have fun for a while, but I hope eventually she goes back to her

  5. I love Tamar and Tamera as mom’s because they’re REAL mom’s and not uterus
    donors. They RAISE their kids and don’t have nannies do it for them.

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