Can My 23 Year Marriage Be Saved?

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Coach Corey Wayne discusses how you can quickly turn around a marriage or relationship that is on the verge of ending due to weak wussy like behavior on your part, poor communication or improperly courting your woman; even if in your time apart she has started seeing someone else.

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23 thoughts on “Can My 23 Year Marriage Be Saved?

  1. Corey, why do you say that your goal is women who are successful i.e. CEOs of companies ? Do you think that a CEO in a company is in her feminine side? CEOs of companies are in their masculine my friend… Because workplace requires toughness, purpose, competition etc. This is the link of the video you re saying this: w w w. youtub minute 3.08 ! ‘women that are CEOs of companies’ . So, waiting to see your reply. Thanks Corey.

    1. Lombardy vitaly i recently got out of a relationship with a CEO and i can attest that there were times when she was in her masculine. Was kind of a struggle at times to stay in control, but for the most part was able to do so by “pushing back” when she would try to take control over things that were supposed to be in my control (my stuff, not hers)

  2. I’ve had 3 marriages in 2 different countries/cultures. People have been just astonished how patient, loyal & supportive I’ve been. I’ve been engaged 2x & even in a longterm lesbian relationship. Being heartbroken, taken advantage of & actually abused has ruined my health. As crazy as this sounds, I am happy every day & things just didn’t go well for me in this life — the saddest thing is hearing the regrets from the ex-es once I’ve moved on. Very sad, & too late for them. Too late!

  3. You are a genius. You’ve understood something very fundamental. Whomever you are, whatever your limitations or strengths, you have to show daily your awesome full force or you won’t have any self-respect & no one else can be expected to think of you very highly, either, face it. Marriage is based on economics & biology — once these concepts are grasped, the more subtle, even sublime aspects can be developed. I applaud you. You just might totally succeed — bravo!

  4. A wise and very feminine woman can be in charge and as tough as can be, also. These are the “pearls of great price” and if you ever find one, realize that’s a rare thing indeed! Consider the sun sign Gemini if you like astrology. They are walking masses of contradictions, brilliant minds with derelictions, to overcome the wayward twin, one must be first aware of him (her). Greetings from France.

  5. This only works for people who dont care if their wives are screwin other guys- you can sit back and do nothing if you dont care how she comes back – they ALWAYS come back. I was in this identical situation.

    1. How you figure?

      My wife having
      Affair and wants a divorce and we have 12 yo daughters – a guy befriended her and is talking her into dovorve

      I love her and I’m trying but I’m pursuing and pleading

  6. Please Help , my wife left 2 days ago and took everything. Should I call or text. I haven’t yet !! Please Corey I don’t have much cash and I can’t pay 1k for a audio call

  7. Help me I’m losing my wife – she had affair we have 12 yo and all I’ve done hasn’t worked. God I don’t know what the ap is doing to keep swaying her away and to act unhappy home like she wants a dovorve

  8. what if you don’t want to court her? what if you don’t even like her? what if you’ve had no sex life for years. but you have a 3 and a 4 year old that mean everything to you.

  9. It’s like knocking over dominoes. Once she starts reaching out, the other guys start chasing. Everything will fall in place unless you interfere.

  10. Coach this is exactly what happened to me, same amount of time married but I found your work to late, I found out 2 days after I moved out she got engaged to a guy 15 years younger than her overseas, which means he has no green card and I have a 5 year old daughter with her. She married him 6 months after I left, and COVID-19 has slowed down to immigration process. All I’m doing at this point is taking care of myself as best I considering the coronavirus issues, lol it’s been hard to date, I even lost my job due to stress of divorce and now the COVID19 issue. Her mother is behind her but my ex father in law didn’t give her his blessing, he disagrees with the new relationship of my ex-wife. I’m just doing no contact to the best of my ability due to my daughter. But I still love my ex-wife. The only way I would get back with her is if it’s her idea like you say. I got your recently book 3% man but due to my anxiety I’ve haven’t been able to read much of it. After 16 months now I started to workout in the garage I’m living in, which I’ve never lived in these conditions. I feel like eventually once this guy gets his green card, he’s going to leave her. My daughter is suffering this process a lot as well.

  11. HOW I SAVE MY MARRIAGE: There are lot of spiritual negativity spirit fighting most marriage and relationship today, My husband left 3 month ago we’ve been married for 13 years.. We have a girls living at the house together. He’s the one that wanted to leave I have been left devastated emotional crying wanting him back he made no attempt to contact me he goes through the children he moved in with the lady from work I know where he’s at.. We haven’t been connecting for the past months or two we’ve just been sweeping things under the rug and then I found out that he had been texting a married woman at work and they would text more than 600 times a month but he would delete them when I confronted him about it he then went and bought a prepaid phone where I couldn’t track any of the numbers so the situation blew up and he decided to move in with this guy he said it would only be for a month but I’m was scared that it’s going to be longer. I feel that in my book of cheating if your texting a married woman and deleting the text messages that’s cheating because if there’s nothing to hide you wouldn’t be deleting these text messages and you wouldn’t have bought a prepaid phone. I feel lost and confused and don’t know where to go I went back to church and put my problems in God’s hands I pray everyday I read my Bible several times a day to try to get me through this. I try not to put the kids in the middle of this but it’s hard because he will not return any of my calls which I’ve only called him once but he won’t return any of my text messages either he always goes through the kids. I was lost and confused, But I prayed to God to please help bring back my King my happiness, It was really hard for me. I did all I could and nothings seems to change, Until I meet a Spiritists Called Dr Bernard who turn my pain to Joy and my sorrow to happiness, I told Dr Bernard my relationship problem and he told me that he will pray and my husband will come back home. never believed because I was so lost and confused but I have the faith in God that my king will come back home, But lucky for me Dr Bernard was the one who brought my love back to me, he is a good spiritist. you can contact him Via: ( You can still save your marriage if u really love your husband or wife.

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