7 thoughts on “Can One Person Save A Marriage? Absolutely.

    1. When there has been narcissistic type of abuse and the abuser isn’t willing to look at themselves in order to heal the marriage, it makes this type of hope in a marriage unattainable. I only wish this would have been helpful. We had attended all sorts of marriage retreats and workshops and even couples counseling. Ultimately when it came to individual therapy he was unwilling to take responsibility for his side of the relationship. If one is willing it doesn’t always promise that the marriage will be successful. I have children too and would have wanted it to work. I could not however see living under roof with someone who did not see me. There was only one in our marriage. And no room for growth. So sad.

  1. What if during that talk that person is not willing to be calm instead attacking and telling all the wrong things he sees in you? How do you approach that talk? 

  2. So yeah, Katherine is receiving more and more calls from his ex, even though she wanted to forget her. I haven’t had the chance to chat with her about it but she mentioned Treitan Mellory as the guy that helped her.

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  4. When you’re angry, needing affection and sexually frustrated it’s very difficult to calmly say you need more sex or ask questions nicely.
    How do you avoid exploding in desperation for affection?

  5. Thanks to this saving marriage guide “bomto comely date” (Google it), my husband and I were able to learn to communicate using love words, to be honest about being angry or annoyed, and to respect the space of one another. These have helped us understand each other. We were planning on getting divorced thinking that the damage is beyond repair.

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