Can One Spouse Save The Marriage?

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Not only is the question, “Can one spouse save the marriage?” But, "Should one spouse even try to save the marriage??"

If your spouse wants out, shouldn’t you just let them go?

On many of our videos about fixing your marriage, or recovering from affairs, there’s backlash… there’s disagreement…and we absolutely understand why! It’s PAINFUL when you go through this.

A few years ago, one man contacted us, saying, “My wife is having an affair. She doesn’t love me anymore, she’s moved out, and she’s totally changed her personality…and…she’s pregnant with another man’s baby.”

This man’s wife was living in a different state and had blocked his number. It seemed HOPELESS!

So could he save his marriage alone?

Yes… but it would NOT be easy. He had to stop doing what pushed his wife away, and start doing things that would attract her back. He needed to understand what was at the core of their marriage issues. Not only that, but he needed to understand his wife’s perspective and learn how to communicate more effectively.

So what happened next?

At this point in time, he only saw his wife at the divorce proceedings. He couldn’t make her talk to him- he couldn’t make her do anything. You cannot control another person. So what did he do? He worked to become his best self, he learned what went wrong- owning it, and he held fast to a vision of what the future could be.

At the FINAL divorce hearing, his wife noticed something different in him…

She pulled him aside and they talked! He apologized for what he had done wrong, he forgave her for the affair, and he even said he would love the child of hers as his own. And, they started working on things!

Here’s the thing, marriage can enter a downward spiral. We can allow past hurt to become resentment. We can believe we married the wrong person. We can even think there’s no use in one spouse wanting to work on the marriage.

But what we know at Marriage Helper is that hope exists! By teaching you the best things that work it increases the likelihood that your spouse will pause, or even consider making the marriage work! And, we would love to help! We have online courses, coaching, and workshops.

It takes time. It takes work. But it’s ABSOLUTELY worth it!


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30 thoughts on “Can One Spouse Save The Marriage?

  1. He left he, divorced me, he came back long enough for us to get pregnant again and when I told him he left and married another woman 2 days later. Gave me Soo many excuses.

  2. my husband left me. i dont know what is an issue . i dont know of he is having affair. but he is very egoist person. he dont like if i give back ans.i tryed everything. since 2 year he file for divoice but we where living 2gahter now suddenly when i came to my mom’s place he told me i dont want to live . i have taken dicision i want divoice. we have 3 year old child he now even thinking of her.

  3. A couple of years ago my husband and I went through a difficult season in our marriage. It last a couple of years. He was undecided about what he wanted to do.

    The average person would have left. I prayed and asked God what I should do. I told him that I wanted His will for my life.

    In the mean time, I worked on myself and continued to treat him the way I wanted to be treated.

    Things turned around in my favor. I think it was because I forgave him, treated him with love, and worked on myself.

    I enjoyed the video. You gave so many good tips. 🙏🏾

    1. Great success story. I am and have been working on self-development for a while now and able to recognize and acknowledge my own mistakes during the marriage. More importantly I have learned how to handle myself and talk to her in a positive way. She still has to come around. Trust takes time and actions.

  4. Sounds like my situation, she cheated on me , left me and has some other man baby. But I have self respect not to go back to someone who did that . Happy for the other guy in the story though.

  5. My husband left 3 weeks ago since then ive stared therepy stared working again trying to be a little better he tells me he wants therapy too but not couple’s therapy he says he loves me and misses me but he doesnt he reach out or do anything i feel like he just telling me what i wanna hear

    1. Dont give uo thanks to therepy and not giveing up my husband is back home and we truely are happier then we have ever been

  6. Hi there. Thank you so much for these videos, they have really helped guide me in the best way to try and save my marriage. Is there any services located in Australia from marriage helper?

  7. This just seems like the endless circle of hurt to me. Because I did just those things that you spoke about. He filed for divorce and loved another. I begged for forgiveness when he said I was a bad wife. Things eventually didn’t work out between them and he came back. But there was no love in his heart for me until our daughter was born. Then I felt maybe we had made it to a good marriage. But it happened again, with my best friend. Then yet again just last year. Me asking for forgiveness has done nothing but make me hate who I am for ruining our marriage over and over again and hurt constantly. I have no safe place or safe person who truly loves me.

    1. I’m so sorry, Mandy. He needed to apologise to you and make amends, not the other way round. When there is an affair, the adulterous spouse really needs to make things right first imo. Then the other stuff canbe dealt with.

    2. God loves you with an everlasting love. Do you have a church family or someone in the church community who will give you some support during this time.

  8. My wife left me said that I don’t love her. I love her so much. She told me that I lied to her but I see what i done to her watching this is helping me

  9. I know what i did wrong in my marriage and i pray to god. That i get another change to fix my marriage. I did the push, control, i checked out as being her team mate till she thought she already lost me. I shut down all her ideas to make the marriage better.. i blind. I fought with her so many times. I ask for forgiveness. She tells me is too late. I love her with all my heart and we have 8 y/o son. Im trying to keep this family together I signed out for the workshop 911. She aggree to go. But she seem pretty checked out. I dont want lose my wife. At some point we where pretty great. Prefect for eachother.

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