Communication Techniques: How To Save Your Marriage

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In this relationship advice video for couples, Bruce shares communication techniques for instantly CONNECTING with your romantic partner, especially during conflict and when talking about sensitive issues.

If you go see a couples therapist or a "save my marriage" counselor, this is one of the first skills they will teach you in the couples therapy session.


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RELATIONSHIP ADVICE: How To Save Your Marriage

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27 thoughts on “Communication Techniques: How To Save Your Marriage

  1. Hi Bruce, I cany locate these worksheets you speak of in this and your last video. Could you assist me with this? Many thanks…. P.S. I love your videos

  2. Ever notice marriage therapists/counselors are always divorced?
    If they are so wise then why couldn’t they make their marriage work.

  3. I disagree with this video. I’d like people to get off SUGAR and see that they will enjoy cooking,. workout, together as a team!!! Unity…honey I’m so tired let’s cook together!!!!

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  5. There are a few suggestions for saving your marriage
    Try to discuss more
    Cooperate with each other more
    Start to give and take more
    (I learned these and the reasons they work on Mirykal Marriage Plan site )

  6. hi thank you for those video but it bit to late for me as my boyfriend broke up with me Monday what you said in video that what happened x

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  8. In conflict studies this technique is called “reflective listening”. So this advice is not only excellent but proven to work!

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  11. Funny, I automatically do the reflective conversation already. But the response I get, is him telling me I’ve twisted his words with anger. I ask for clarity and he refuses. Over and over, thus is how our “conversations” go. But I’ll try again with this video in mind. 7 years is not worth giving up on….

  12. Video contains a powerful technique for communication. I think this give a big help to all married couple. Being responsive to each other could lessen arguments of all the married couple.

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