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Couple Therapy or Marital Therapy is a very specialized form of psychotherapy. Couple Therapy or Marital Therapy are certainly different form of therapy when you look at it technically, but today I will be using it as a single parlance. Marriage and divorce has been known since time immemorial. Marriage is a social constraint and it has its own advantages and to some extent some disadvantages, but divorce as a phenomenon has been growing and it has been growing exponentially in today’s world. The reason for divorce can be diverse, it can be because of globalization, urbanization, westernization, because of gender roles, gender gaps etc, it can go on. What is happening at the prevalence of divorce. The prevalence is changing from 0.5 for every 100 marriages which was in 1988 to about 13 divorces every 1000 marriages in 2019. As a psychiatrist I am worried about the dynamic factors that lead to divorce and it is very trivial oflate among the young couples. It can be the fast paced life, nuclear families, both couples working. So the difference or conflicts are raised. So what happens when two couples come for a marital therapy or a martial counseling or couple therapy. The therapist interviews the couples either individually and then probably a joint session. The therapists tries to understand what the client needs and tries to see what are the areas of conflict. So the therapist sees from various vantej points because the therapists is a nonjudgmental person. So in a couple centered approach, ideas are given how to resolve the conflict and how to improve communication. For the second part of the problem is to putting it in daily needs that is it occurs in sessions. Please note Marital Therapy or Couple session are not finished in a single session, there are multitudes of session, but it is definitely no very long term, it is for a short term and it will be structured and ideas and homework will be given for the couples and they will be taught how to solve their conflicts. In case of Marital issues and any discord, kindly meet your mental health professional and infernal therapist to solve all your marital disputes.

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