21 thoughts on “Don’t justify your cheating on your spouse – save your Marriage~Haleh Banani

  1. Sad but true, worked 3 jobs to support wife and 4 kids, even financially supported her family….then caught her cheating….she blamed me….i tried harder….caught her cheating again….i tried for 3 yrs…..and caught her cheating every 2-3 mths….even ignoring our children’s wellbeing all the while….her boyfriends msg me and scolded me that i didn’t do enough…..she bad mouthed me to all this guys….her own father was so ashamed towards me caused he witnessed my sacrifice as he lived with us, now he tries to avoid me, before he left my home he said sorry to me. To my eldest son, he said sorry your mother made u have a broken family. Well now i just turn to Allah, and hope to keep my children.

    1. KD Sanji- I, son my ex cheated on me with a merryed muslim so-called man. Long distance relationship is a bad idea. . . . . For everyone. islam is not a perfect religion an I don’t think there’s is but there’s is a man that made everything for us to pass this test and the Battleground. Good luck to you all and remember trust your gut bc it don’t lie to you kids.

    2. KD Sanji.. sir you need to start acting smart rather then hard ..I think you have been emotionally hijacked, don t beat yourself while you have already beaten ,you have lots of options.. divorce is one of them ,I know it is easy to say rather then done . remember one thing life is a test Allah swt tests us in different ways ..some times lack of Islamic knowledge also some reason to our problems we have given Quran and deen as our guidance by Allah swt.. listen to your heart and asks Allah swt for help.i think posting bt your problem online itself won’t really help you.sorry for my bad English..hasbiallahu wa nyamal wakeel.tns n peace.

  2. Really this trend is breaking the houses .the worst aspect is this women are actively involved in this.there are wives who take care of their husbands like kids but still they run after other women.

    1. Saima Faisal I can totally agree with you sister. I’ve been married for 20years in all these years I’ve put him first before me even clipping his nails and making sure he is comfy and well. I’d never imagined not even in my wildest thoughts that he’d ever cheat on me. Was a rude shock when I found out to an extent that I actually doubted my own eyes over what I was seeing. I’m unable to trust again

  3. as I know many unmarried ladies are involved in it… sad truth… they are ruining life of happy families…may ALLAH protect the hearts of all mu’min and Muslim… aameen

  4. Infidelities are occurring more frequently now because men and women have access to the internet. Women are working in mixed environments, they are watching too many movies, etc.

  5. My ex philippina muslim housemade cheated on me with a merryed so-called man. islam girls is difference with a normal feminist with jeans or shorts on from the West.

  6. married muslim women are just as bad now have seen so many families destroyed because some women just want some attention from married men at work.

    1. lps lover am so sorry sister I’m going through this now I feel unable to move on past the anger hurt all that I’m doing is asking Allah to guide me I’m leaving it in his hands

  7. Jazakh Allah kheir sis I’m going through this right now my husband has cheated on me with a married woman. He’s justifying sexting as not cheating. I’m so angry I can’t bring myself to relate to him as a wife. I’ve moved to my daughter’s room. I feel lost n confused

  8. My husband cheated on me and I trusted him like nothing…I am hurt but I forgave him just because we hv 3 kids…bt I will never forget wat he has done to me I am totally changed I don’t eat I don’t laugh as before… and I don’t love him as before.

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