Gamer Setup – This router can save your marriage!

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In this video I show you how to setup an Edge Router X and a Unifi Access Point. The ER-X is especially interesting for gamers as it supports SQM, which helps to prevent ping spikes caused by congestion.

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5:05 copy/paste mistake 🙁 The USG costs €111.88 / $119.00

– 2:02 it fixes your marriage?
– 3:36 why an ER-X instead of OpenWRT/LEDE?
– 4:09 why an ER-X instead of an USG?
– 6:27 ER-X basic setup
– 9:19 ER-X Smart Queue configuration
– 10:06 ER-X Port forwarding and UPNP
– 13:13 Unifi Access Point setup

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Buffer Bloat Test:


———– UPNP2 Setup ————

//delete old upnp1 service
delete service upnp

//check if upnp2 is active (it's not if this doesn't return a number):
pidof miniupnpd

//show routes opened by upnp2
show upnp2 rules

//enable upnp2
set service upnp2 listen-on $LAN_INTERFACE_1

set service upnp2 listen-on $LAN_INTERFACE_N
set service upnp2 wan $WAN_INTERFACE
set service upnp2 secure-mode enable
set service upnp2 nat-pmp enable

———– // UPNP2 Setup ————

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70 thoughts on “Gamer Setup – This router can save your marriage!

  1. I love Ubiquiti products. My entire business and home is covered by Unify access points. Super fast and super reliable and super to manage (fun fact: they were the first company to patch their access points for the CRACK Wi-Fi bug from a few months back)

    1. I don’t know Meraki is one of the easiest products I have come across. But saying that it’s so simple it misses some really nice features I feel like should be added.

  2. Dslreports says;
    Overall: F
    Bufferbloat: –
    Quality: F
    Speed: –
    Now guess how much fun I have when playing online

    1. John Smith my problem certainly isn’t only bufferbloat, it’s just my general network speed in general, I get a Max of 6mbit/s Download and 0.5 up here

    2. John Smith I don’t really need to buy a router combo for money because standard ISP routers here are usually unlocked and pretty decent/include functionality to control bandwidth and prioritize applications or devices anyway,.

    3. YouMustDie788 they offer reasonable combos through spectrum also but I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my network so this was an easy decision!

      Your connection should still be enough for decent gaming however if you have others sharing your connection then no router will help you! Good luck!

    4. John Smith I can also attest. My ping is untouched, even while 3 youtube videos are streaming on my computer and my brother watches videos in the next room. Unifi access points have better range, connectivity, life-span than normal gaming routers. they are enterprise products, hence requires more manual configs. But I got it to work by going through youtube videos i found online. Also, you need to buy a switch, since the unifi controller on your computer needs to be on the same network as your unifi access point

    5. Try to change “send buffers” in your network adaptor driver settings to 1; Increase only if upload goodput is too low; This is free!!!

    1. Bought an ER-X tonight at Micro Center tonight. Works exactly as advertised. A+ bufferbloat score, FINALLY! Too bad I wasted $300 buying a new modem and router a few months ago trying to solve this problem. Grrrr…

    2. With Qualcomm Fast Path enabled guys have clocked 300Mbits easily while running SQM/Cake. It’s there, you just need to load the script!

    3. That helps, so basically I should get the ER-X instead or the ER-Lite to handle my speeds, which are identical to yours?

    4. alexhernandez49 Load CAKE + SFE kernel into edgerouter ssh. I have an ERLite & get consistent triple A+ test results over 180/24 connection with no massive ping spikes (avg 20-29ms) Thank me later.

  3. is there any performance difference over the ER lite 3? i know the x is having a better cpu…i have a 200 down 200 up pppoe connection and when i enable adaptive qos is going as down as 60 on down and 80 on up witch is too much…i know they say 60mbit is optimal for er lite 3 for qos

    1. The ER-X is better, since the ER Lite depends on hardware offloads and you can’t use those with SQM. I also love the ER-X hardware switch. With the stock firmware you won’t be able to shape 200/200, but with LEDE + SFE patches you can.I’ve hit about 400/200 before running out of CPU power on the ER-X.

    2. You might already have a low bufferbloat connection, good for you. The ER-Lite can’t traffic shape 350Mbit, it tops out around 70Mbit before falling apart.

    3. So what do you guys recommend if/when gigabit becomes available at my location? Would the ER-4 handle 1Gbps up and down?

    4. All you need to do is lookup SFE & CAKE on Ubiquiti forums. My BB never peaks above 10ms and I never lag while gaming. Look for Lochnair! He helped me out tremendously. 10 minutes is all it takes to setup the scripts in PuTTy and then you’re done! It’s that simple.

  4. I could kiss you right in the mouth. Been having massive ping issues the past 48 hours (Around when I installed google filestream) I have an edgerouter lite and enabling SQM took my bloat buffer from 180ms down and 460ms up to 26ms down and 21 up. It did however drop my download from 70Mb/s to 52Mb/s is that a result of the edgerouter lites cpu being a bit too weak to handle both up and down SQL at those speeds? Any tweaking I could do to improve it or should I just look to pick up an edgerouter X in the future?

    1. Cross Coast Gaming the reason why it decreases speed is because the SQM stashes bandwith for the games/VOIP you are using. If you want to increase the bandwith, go to smart QOS setting. change the download setting higher. but you havd to be careful if it is too high since that may steal the “stashed”, protected bandwith you need for smooth gaming

  5. Hey man, have you ever heard of Advanced Tomato? It’s a third party firmware that supports some good routers, right now I’ve got it set up and its QoS rules are just amazing, got a A+ on the test with them (btw had to make them myself obv). Anyway great content, you should start collaborating with some sort of company to get some devices for free, it’s just a shame that you have to invest so much time and effort into making just one single video!

  6. I’ve been wondering. Could you do some testing for Killer Ethernet? In the past it was considered inferior to Intel’s Ethernet, however a Techreport review of the Killer E2400 and the driver suite shows some measurable improvements. Supposedly the driver suite’s QoS controls help with gaming.

    1. That kind of QoS only affects traffic generated by the software running on your PC – which means that you are in trouble as soon as there are other devices accessing the internet while you are gaming.
      Also i.e. Blizzard recommends that you turn it off as it causes ping spikes in their games.

    2. Battle(non)sense of course, it can’t magically change the router’s behaviour. I just wanted to see it tested for when there’s background usage on your PC while you game. I tried the bufferbloat test, and I did get a better rating with it on while I intentionally started a steam download in the background.

  7. $12 router here. A+
    Also I applied some patches for ethernet connection in windows, don’t quite recall which ones. And changed MTU to optimal.

  8. I think you copied the price over from ER-X, both have the same price in your video. Although you say in the video that USG is much more expensive (currently 113€ on Amazon). Just wanted to let you know. Other than that, great Video, i always enjoy your content a lot! Grüße aus Österrich 🙂

    1. Yeah, I messed that one up and somehow missed it. 🙁
      I have added a note in the pinned comment and the description now.

    1. A fast router flashed to LEDE. I use a Linksys WRT1900ACS to shape up to 400/40, but it can shape up to about 600Mbit.

    2. pokute1  – Use the appropriate device from companies like Ubiquity or MikroTik – it will cost you less than an i3 PC with a couple of Intel NICs.

  9. 5:05 copy/paste mistake 🙁 The USG costs €111.88 / $119.00

    – 2:02 it fixes your marriage?
    – 3:36 why an ER-X instead of OpenWRT/LEDE?
    – 4:09 why an ER-X instead of an USG?
    – 6:27 ER-X basic setup
    – 9:19 ER-X Smart Queue configuration
    – 10:06 ER-X Port forwarding and UPNP
    – 13:13 Unifi Access Point setup

    1. So the guide is great and all, but what if you have cabel and a 400 Mbit Connection? Is it just a rouder or does it have a modem too?

    2. I had the EdgeRouter-X for around 8-9 months until I realised it was causing its own problems. UDP packets were not being processed in order which meant packet loss occurred and rubber banding showed its face in gaming. An easy way to replicate if your unit is affected is by using MTR (opensource trace route app) run it and you will see 8-10% packet loss on your default gateway IP. The EdgeRouter Lite is full of problems with UDP processing, the EdgeRouter-X is not without problems either. I moved back to a custom pfSense router shortly after finding out it was the EdgeRouter-X causing my rubber banding in rocket league etc. @Battle(non)sense

    1. With my ISP, i can have access to TV channels, like netflix, with INTERNET. I have the possibility to use a phone directly connected to my internet box too. Are these professionnal routers (router you get outside of your ISP provider) can break those things ?

    2. You should talk to your ISP and tell them that you want to use your own router. They can answer your questions best.

  10. Thank you SOOOOO much for this tutorial! I’ve been having what seems to be like random ping issues for MONTHS. I think this is going to help a lot. I can’t wait for a few hours gaming session to see what my pings do. I’ve gone from F to A+ for BufferBloat.

    1. For gigabit I’d definitely go for an ERLite instead. But keep in mind that non of them can do gigabit internet with Smart Queue enabled.

  11. I find that setting up SQM works to an extent but if there’s congestion further up the stack, it falls over – presumably because it’s working to the fixed max bandwidth values specified for upload / download. These are fine most of the time but too high during periods of high demand at the exchange. At these times, my available bandwidth can drop to one third of advertised rate. If we have Netflix running then as well as online gaming, the gaming still suffers.

    It would be great if there was a a way to sense available bandwidth dynamically rather than hard set the values.

    I also wonder whether the priority settings on the Edgemax could work to ensure gaming gets better results than streaming media.

    1. You mean that your ISP is unable to always provide you the bandwidth that you are paying for?
      Well, that is a different kind of problem then – which SQM on your router can’t fix.

      I am sadly not away of a router which would do speedtests throughout the day to adjust the SQM settings accordingly. 🙁

    2. Battle(non)sense Best I can do is schedule a script to drop the bandwith cap during peak congestion times.

      Ultimately, the issue is with the ISP. Such is the quality of UK ADSL.

    3. There is a new QDISC named CAke that take in to acount the overhead of A/VDSL ATM packets to ethernet conversion so its more precise.

  12. Wow! Ich hab meinen 4 Jahre alten Linksys Router nach deinem Video mit der UBNT Hardware ersetzt und bin begeistert!
    Habe jetzt ein viel stabileren Ping und Youtube schauen neben einem größeren Download ist jetzt auch überhaupt kein Problem mehr. Sogar die WLAN Verbindung ist jetzt überall wesentlich stabiler. Nochmal Danke für diesen Augenöffner!

  13. You can just any device with sqm or qos.
    In any case I can’t use those devices due to low processing power of those SOCs.
    Right now I’m using Xeon processors to manage my 1gbps connection.

    I also use specialized rules based on deep packet inspection to speedup the real-time traffic through the firewall.

    1. dbyrne91 pfSense + suricata.
      You need a compatible hardware for the DBS kernel.

      Edgerouter are not bad but not versatile. Edgerouter are based on vyos. But vyos is CMD line only but is based on Linux.

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