God Can Restore Your Marriage A True Story

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Rev Dr Kong Hee is the founder, senior pastor of City Harvest Church in Singapore. He is a Christian in the Charismatic Movement, with a philosophy of ministry that emphasizes the Great Commandment, Great Commission, and Cultural Mandate.
From 1975 to 1988, Kong was a member of Marine Parade Christian Centre, an Anglican church located in eastern Singapore. On May 7, 1989, City Harvest Church was founded as a department (known as "Ekklesia Ministry") of Bethany Christian Centre (Assemblies of God). He is a board member of Dr. David Yonggi Cho’s Church Growth International

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28 thoughts on “God Can Restore Your Marriage A True Story

  1. hopefully God will hear my prayers , regarding my troubled marriage..I don’t want to divorce my husband..I love him so much:(

  2. Pray for me and my husband..

    I hurt him so much because of my own insecurities, letting my trust issues get the best of me and spoke fire to him.. Now he feels we are not meant to be and does not want me anymore..

    I have turned back to Our Lord Jesus, Please pray the Lord restores my marriage..

    1. Mz Chloe Pisces_Gurl Prayers for you!! Your story is my story.. he says there’s no love and he thinks there never was love! So I’m praying our God answers your prayer!!

  3. Please pray for my relationship. Sarah is her name. She left me of 4 years. right about to get married… I’m so broken

    1. deathfrenzymagee I am sorry for to hear about your broken marriage. But I just want to ecourage you and to tell you that God is still in the business of restoring marriage. visit this website for personal testimonies of restored marriages – visit http://www.rejoiceministries.org

  4. Pray for Evelyn and Cesar marriage to be restored separation 2 yes no contact. .I also want to lift up Maribel & George. .marriage to be restored

  5. please pray for me to get my man back. His name is Jobin..he is very selfish and arrogant and atheist. He married me but could not finalize our legal registration. so he take it for granted and leaves me whenever he feels likew. He even blocks my number . I don’t know heere he is now. He lies a lot. His family also brainwashed him to leave me. I have struggled so much to be with him and had to leave my family as they objected our relationship. He always talks about money and blames me for every bad thing that happen in his life even though I am unaware of it. I have supported him in all ways . I’m really sad and depressed. I have been praying to God and st Antony for last two years . nothing is happening . please pray for us. I want us to have a happy life together . my name is Amala.

  6. My Marriage was been blessed and reunited by our Lord Jesus Christ too, after over 10 years of misunderstanding. Now God is enlightening our Children to be more greatful each day and be prayerful. The time of our Marriage was fully restored, there is an overflowing of undying Love and Happiness, were even quite excited to see grandchildren together to raise for the sake of our Lord Jesus and to our Heavenly God the Father’s Glory.

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