22 thoughts on “God Saved Our marriage Testimony!!

  1. God is amazing, please never give up on your marriage! It is a covenant partnership, God will honor it as he does our covenant relationship with him♥ Trials will come but God can work it out if you stay in love & counsel with God. Lots of love to those who are going thru this hardship right now, but it is worth the time & effort. We are a living testimony to this, God will bless you for your faith for your marriage ♥ It’s important to you & God himself.

  2. It is awesome to see people who put God 1st in their life. HE is the only way to true happiness. After years of trying to correct it all on my own I let God back into the equation and then and only then did all of our problems seem to have a real lasting answer. There is no way without God!

  3. My husband wants me to file for divorce..he doesn’t want to do it..I know how you feel..and I’ll be praying for you..pray for my marriage as well..I think there is power in Jesus Christ..trust in the Lord

  4. May I suggest something? It’s fairly new to me, but I do pray it will be a blessing to you. Watch the movie Fireproof, and get the book called “The Love Dare” which goes with the movie. It’s somewhat of a 40 day devotional dare of learning how to love our spouses as God intended. Give this dare everything you have, pray daily for your husband and family. God will be right there with you:)

  5. I’m currently in the process of doing “the love dare” to my husband. I’ve realized recently that I’ve spent so much time trying to change him that I’ve missed things in myself that I need to change. I became so critical of him, when I really should have been examining myself instead.

    Sometimes things sneak up on us when we least expect it.
    I’m hoping that this love dare deepens my relationship with him and God.

  6. sweet sister in Christ, don’t ever give up praying and fasting for your marriage! your circumstances will lie to you, stand upon the truth of God’s Word, and His promises. I am in your same situation, my husband filed for divorce in November 2012 and I wanted to die. One night the Lord led me to Rejoice Marriage Ministries online and I began to stand in faith for restoration. I know my prodigal is coming home and yours will too in Jesus’ Name! I am in agreement w/ you for your marriage!!!!

  7. Let’s pray together for each other. Priscilla & Jose. Send me your names and I’ll pray for your situation too. Remember read your bibles. Live the word. Fast and pray. God is In the business of Restoration ! Gods blessings.

  8. God also saved my marriage. God also has given me peace. Gave me the ability to forgive my husband for everything. I am happier and my kids as well. My husband isn’t close to God like I am but God told me not to leave so I am staying. It is a true blessing when people listen to God. Forgive as Jesus did.

  9. I’m going through a seperation right now and praying for my husband to come back, l just have to keep having faith in God and his timing and touch my husbands heart.

    1. Don’t give up it is a fight sometimes, I know if my husband would of stopped praying & fighting for our marriage it would of never worked. So, I encourage you to have faith, our God is a BIG God & nothing is impossible for Him & in those who trust in Him. I will pray for your marriage ♥

  10. As God is not a respecter of person, what He did for them He will do for you too. I claim it and you should too.

  11. Ok I have an issue going on, please if I can have a few minutes or your time.  Ok I would really like to have advice about my marriage. I am a Christian woman and am currently married to a Christian man and have been for 24 years, we fell in love with eachother and he really is a great man, and he was very good looking in every way, he has georgeous eyes, he is 6;4 in height, well built athletic , hard working, , a beautiful and awesome smile that always would make me melt, he is a man who has done everything for me and is everything I love in a man both inside and outside.  He is funny, and he has always been there for me and even though I am not perfect and far from it, he accepts me just the way I am. Now 5 years ago, he was sent into the middle east, as he is a soldier and is again very loyal and loving man and husband and patriot. Now in that time period we haven’t been seeing too many pictures and videos because he has been so busy over there, He recently came home and his physical appearance has changed for the much worse. I mean it has been 5 years since I last saw him and he me, and I was shocked and am very disappointed on how much he has changed in how he looks. When we met and before he left, he had a beautiful full head of dark hair that I along with any woman would love to run our hands over and he had about 8 inche long hair so it was perfect and looked beautiful, HE LOOKED BEAUTIFUL So he came home, and now he is balding, and it’s pretty bad and I just don’t love him anymore. I am no longer attracted to him and I can’t help it. He is still the same pretty well everywhere else, I mean he still has nice eyes and is healthy and personality and character wise he is still great and all, but it’s like who cares!?!? he’s balding now,  he has gone from a 10 straight to a 0 (zero) I know this other guy from work, I have never really liked him because I find how he treats other women is just mean and I always felt that he didn’t deserve a nice true lady because he treats them bad, and he is also not really into hygiene it seems, he doesn’t take care of himself. His name is Adam, my husbands name is Bill by the way. Lately Adam has shown interest in me,  and I never thought I would think this, based on how he has behaved with others, how he is disrespectful to others and also was to me, and is also not a Christian he seems to be into some occult stuff or something like that, I never thought I would say or think this but I am beginning to be interested in Adam ,  because I am no longer attracted to Bill. Even though Adam doesn’t share the same Faith that I do, and he is not always the nicest to women, and other people and he seems self centered a lot of time, and he doesn’t really seem to take care of himself much physically, I NOW find Adam way more attractive then Bill because Adam has a full head of hair and therefore he is way better looking then Bill now. Because in the past Bill was always more attractive and my lady friends all knew that plus they always told me, how truly blessed I was to have a great loyal and loving man like Bill in my life, and someone who treated women and all people well. Bill has a great character and is truly a great Christian man who always would go out of his way to help others and go that extra mile to help people and he really is a man who has a lot of love in him. But the fact is that was before he left to the Middle east, and now, I just can’t even look at him and to me almost any man out there is more attractive to me then Bill. I am a devout Christian woman, and I know that I deserve better, and I am not willing to settle for anything less. Adam I find better looking now because he has his hair, and so I am confused as to what to do. Please I would like to hear from other Christian women on this, I mean I know I cannot be the only one that is in this situation, I mean I’m sure all other women would feel the same way would you girls not?

    1. xhemexx I just came across your comment, it’s been at least 10 months since you have posted it but I hope I am not too late. I will say that being attracted to your spouse means something, but it is not everything. I ask that you pray and ask God to fill your heart with love for your spouse. Be straight forth with God and tell Him how you feel, God will supply you with what you need. He can help you feel that attraction you once had with your spouse. Believe it and don’t stop praying. You mentioned that Adam is not religious and Bill is. From experience, being with someone who does not believe in God may eventually seperate you from Him. I can’t say that if you choose Adam, that Adam will not eventually become a believer. But if you leave Bill simply because you are not attracted to Him anymore, it seems very wrong. Who is to say that since Adam is known for treating women bad, that he won’t treat you bad once you are together? I think that Bill also deserves to know how you feel, not attracted to him. Perhaps he will surprise you and work on looking better for you because he loves you. God loves us for who we are, not by how we appear to be. His word teaches us to love others as He loves us. I hope that this helped. My intentions were to help you and in no way offend or hurt you. God bless you!

  12. What a sweet couple. Sincere hearts. Such a shame false teachers like Kenneth Copeland can get his books into people like this. Thankful they seem on course despite it!

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