Her Affair Destroyed (and Saved) Their Marriage

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"Hello, my name is Nancy, and I am a cheater."

It is said that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence–but is it really? Nancy C. Anderson–author of Avoiding the Greener Grass Syndrome–believed that there was greener grass outside the boundaries of her marriage, but she soon learned that it was a lie.

This is video of her testimony, which she shared on The 700 Club in 2006.

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38 thoughts on “Her Affair Destroyed (and Saved) Their Marriage

  1. Jaxushu, you feel that way because you are looking at through your natural eye, and not the way Jesus sees things. In order to be forgiven you must forgive. Take it from someone who knows. It will free you.

  2. I know people like these folks actually. I like the line, “The shame did not out way the secret”…aka translation…the fun right? Also this other guy is dumb enough she did it with numerous guys and he stayed. He believes God will change her. Is he stupid? I too would go. “The pierce my heart line” part is funny to me too. I would leave.

  3. @Lion3Lamb Christ aside, people saw it as acceptable that she beat him for cheating. Let it be the other way around with Tiger snapping and attacking her for cheating..there would be an uproar.

  4. i believe that it’s not too late to recover your marriage! i have had my share of difficult times recently but im so happy i worked things out my spouse now. hope this site helps you as much as it did me… bitly.com16tWqm8

  5. Guilty? Claim it was b/c you lost religion. Get religion. You’re forgiven. Oh yeah, and the other person you were cheating with, they’re a bad guy in all of it.

    I prefer emotional maturity. Adults don’t cheat. These people who get religion are just tap dancing around the real reason they did what they did, b/c they’re mentally at a teenage level of maturity.

  6. “Some of the fellas would say, ‘If my wife did that, I don’t know if I could,’ and I would say, with The Grace of God, you will be amazed at what you can get through.” “Compliments are like magnets.” God gets The Glory. Victory!

    1. +Eric Sliger Amen brother. When one submits (surrenders) to God, we can do much more than we could have ever done in our own power. God gets all the glory!

    2. Kathy Myers, Wow! Great to get a comment from you. You and your husband’s testimony is powerful. You guys are a true reflection of His Grace, Jesus Christ, and I pray He continues to use you to save and redeem other marriages. To Him be all the glory…amen.

  7. awww, the husband took her back even though she cheated on him and said she didn’t love him. Awww. What a great marriage.

  8. I’ll preface this with I’m not Christian. However I’m going through the same ordeal at the moment. My long term partner had an affair outside of our “union” and it’s exactly the same description. A recognition that it’s wrong but that it feels so good. Also that it’s not greener on the other side. And as soon as she looked at the situation from “common” sense, she realised she had to work to fix our relationship and gave up on what she honestly believed was a strong sense of being in love with this other man. I was a long way from perfect, but it’s a wake up call and once she saw the significant pain it caused me she knew the path to take. She broke it off with him and let herself feel the pain of loss to try to find a path back to me and our family. I forgave her instantly and we are working to rebuild. I’m far more thoughtful and considerate, loving and compassionate and I can truly see it making a difference. How long? It’s only been a couple of weeks since it all came to light, but I can see we’re on the same path as the people in this clip. Do I think at any moment just leave and deal with the pain on my own? Yeah of course. But honestly for the sake of my family, what pain is too great if you can see a way past it?

    1. dwan robinson well forgiveness doesn’t mean reconciliation, forgiveness is commanded but she has to repent and do the work to regain trust, in the book of John Jesus says if you love me I will make my home with you so even Jesus has a standard if you love me, so I think it’s ok for us to have the same standard be blessed

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    1. Paven Sahota Sahota that’s how the worldly understand things try asking the Almighty to change you and it will be done

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