How Do I Convince My Spouse Our Marriage Is Worth Saving?

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Our live caller explains, “My wife wants to leave and doesn’t love me anymore. Our jobs have brought a lot of stress. She doesn’t want to work on the marriage, but I do. How can I convince her that our marriage is worth saving?”

In situations like this, the first thing we ask people to evaluate is: is there anything that could be “pushing” my spouse away? (Does your spouse feel controlled or ignored by you; MAJOR pushes.)

Second, we ask people to evaluate: is there something drawing my spouse away; pulling them away from me? (For example, another person, another lifestyle, etc.)

Third, we believe there is HOPE. If your spouse isn’t interested, it does NOT mean your marriage is doomed- it is NOT hopeless. We work with couples each day where one spouse is done/not in love anymore and still we have seen an amazing amount of marriages saved! The important thing is to focus on becoming the best you that you can be.

Here’s a quick summary: Acknowledge your “pushes,” do things that can draw your spouse back (becoming a better you physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually) and become a safe place.

If you are a first responder or in the military, or if your spouse is in a similar situation we would be honored to help.


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14 thoughts on “How Do I Convince My Spouse Our Marriage Is Worth Saving?

  1. I love my wife ur help is working with me. I fall back some time. I’m trying to save my marriage. Are anniversary is tomorrow i got to work at the same time how can I show my wife i don’t want to i still want to work on us as a family

  2. Great advice, really.
    But some people just dont want to change. Like my wife who simply prefers the attention of men and the rush of flirting.
    Best to work on yourself and do your best make you a better person, healthier person. Cant believe how much soul sucking energy and life my ex took from me over tens years of marriage.

  3. That special chemistry cannot be replaced ever, nor should it Nd repair. The spark is here or is not. That is the definition of love. If you h ave experienced it, You know, if you h ave not, I hope you will, it is re lily special, unique, worth everything you may. Los e in the prove of gaining it.

    1. “That special spark” does fade and requires work on the part of both partners. If you think a relationship is not work, I hope you do not enter one until you work on yourself and develop a mature understanding of adult relationships.

  4. Wait – why was he reading her journal??? Did she invite him to do that or did he snoop on her? Reading my journals would really piss me off. I wonder if he is very controlling and that’s why she is pulling away

  5. Hmm I’m in the military just got off a deployment wife is a nurse and when I got back she’s done… soooo confused. I admitted to the mistakes I made in our marriage but she don’t care. She says she loves me but a week later I’m home and I’m living in a hotel…it’s almost spring so I can probably live at a campground or something. I have nothing in this state but my kids

  6. Do u all have any special prices for truck drivers we need lots of help we work hard our wives stay alone for a long time and get tired of that my beautiful wife of 19 yrs just file divorce and here iam not knowing what to do we truck drivers loose everything we love and nobody recognizes all the hard work dedication blood swet and tears we die out here 2 and the most inportant the sacrifices of living our families behind that’s the biggest sacrifice I really hope some one start giving us the respect and recognition we deserve I’m at end of my carrier 25 years. 5 million miles accident free that’s how I’m retiring with my head up high and feeling proud of my self even if I loose the love of my life thank u guys u are doing a great job…

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