How Green Juice Can Save Your Marriage Sex Life

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"Not tonight, honey, I have a headache!"
Everybody in a relationship or especially in a marriage has been either way hearing or saying these words.

You have to see that industrial diseases like adrenal fatigue and also migraines are wide-spread in our western society.
As I am a married man since over 15 years to my lovely wife Katie, we are parents to 4 beautiful children and both have been faithful to our love for all those years, I feel that I have a right to talk on a topic like this.

An important part (amongst many others of course) of maintaining a healthy long-term relationship is the sexual health of this relationship.

And as especially long-term lovers we must take great care of this health.
Of course this health will be maintained by having a good balance in all areas of our relationship.

In this video and article, I want to concentrate on the nutritional background that can cause us to develop diseases like adrenal fatigue or migraine – which is causing us on a physical level to not have our mind on making love to your loved one.

I want to explore why we suffer from adrenal fatigue and migraine, but even more so give some very hand-on tips on what you can do to heal from this (and love to make love again!)

There are actual various factors we have to see when it comes down to adrenal fatigue or migrane.
If you do not drink enough fluid each day and/or do also eat salt, processed foods and not enough fresh fruits and vegetables, you will very likely get acidic.
This acidity alone can cause several diseases that will not only weaken your overall health, but also your sexual.
If you are not hydrated enough, your blood gets thicker and can cause overpressure in the head – a main reason for headache and migraine attacks.

A solution to solve this issue in a natural way, not consuming any sort of drug or medicament is:
Drinking Green Juices!

The dark green lef veggie juice (including kale, spinach, sellery or wild edibles – or all of it), is so beautifully alkalizing and liquifying your blood stream and therefor your entire body.

On top of this effect are green vegetables the most nutrient rich natural superfood on earth.
Oh boy, I have it so good. While I write this, I have a big jug of fresh green juice standing next to me…

Thing is:
There is more than then getting alkalized through green juices.
On top of this, will you be provided with a wealth of nutrients through the juice.

The lack of nutrients is another huge factor in developping diseases like adrenal fatigue or migraine.

You can get all the nutrients you need to heal and thrive through green juices, fruits, seeds and some nuts.
Not that I say you have to eat only those foods, but what I am saying is this:
You can eat a bit more of them, and a bit less of processed foods – especially fried foods and fast foods.
Please also cut a bit back on:
-White sugar
-Alcohol, drugs and coffee

if you can manage this, AND incoperate a daily green juice in the morning, boy I tell you!
Your health will get a boost (and so will your love life and the quality of your marriage or relationship).

For some more tips (and giggles), please watch my video!
Love and support
Ka Sundance


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19 thoughts on “How Green Juice Can Save Your Marriage Sex Life

  1. Green juice lol I could believe that that because since I’ve gone on a raw
    food diet eating so many greens and fruit my sex drive has gone crazy and
    so high.

  2. I’m eating loads of raw spinach, rocket, carrots, lettuice, radishes, red
    pepper, green pepper, yellow pepper, orange pepper, celery, cucumber,
    watercress, tomatoes, spring onion, beetroot, lettuice, I want to add more
    raw greens could you suggest anymore greens i could add to my diet and is
    it better to chew the grees or is it better to juice them and drink it?
    What a difference in my body shape feel and fitness perforemances I feel so
    good and this is so encouraging. I want to go the whole way

  3. This is GREAT! We support you! In regards to the greens, I´d say: Juice
    them. Otherwise you will have such a hard time getting enough, and also
    digesting it well. You extract (and absorb) the nutrients better, if you
    juice. Supermarket, or health food store greens we recommend: -Spinach
    -Kale -Sellery Wild supergreens (for FREE!!) -Dandelion -Nettles -Chickweed
    just to name some…

  4. Thank you for your help. This is what I have to learn, “Identifiying and
    knowing what supergreens are like, “Dandelion, Nettles, Chickweed etc”. I
    feel I’ve just started and am still learning but what a difference this has
    made to my life. This is serious medicine. I’ve always eaten and known (as
    a athelete) that salads, fruits and greens are good for you but never eaten
    raw greens only a little raw carrots. My 1st day was hell the taste was
    unbearable but I never gave up & now find it so easy

  5. Ciao Ka!! Thank you for all your videos, I follow you all the time! I have
    a question: I like to juice greens from time to time, but don’t you think
    that to chew is more natural? We always say that animal don’t cook their
    food but we can also say that they don’t make juices, they chew what they
    need……what do you think?? Thank you and good trip to Asia!!!!!!! Love
    from Rome.

  6. You are right with that. Chewing is more natural. Just 2 points that are
    pro-juicing here: 1: You just dont have time to chew 1-2 pounds of green
    each day. It takes HOURS, honestly!! Juicing is a gentle short-cut. 2. Even
    if you chew, you will not be able to chew well enough to extract all fluid
    from the cracked plant fibers. Noone can process this as good as a blender
    can. High-speed blending is just more effective in making the nutrients

  7. yes that has happened to me …….after a week of raw very strange things
    started to happen …. in a good sense … very interesting take on this
    topic !!!!!! lol

  8. hi these things are made in a juicer? you mention blender they can be
    juiced in a good juicer right? i been told a juicer and blender are two
    different machines. i am just about to buy a juicer online and cant find a
    2 in 1

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