How I Did Save My Marriage with Intimacy in Marriage

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How I Did Save My Marriage with Intimacy in Marriage

“Hey…it’s Paul here with my wife Ann, and I wanted to share with you what greatly helped to save my marriage and stop divorce destroying my marital relationship forever. This is going to be a quick video, but if you’ve been struggling to save your marriage over the last few weeks, months or years, hope is right here. Maybe like me you have tried endless expensive marriage counselling and therapy, marriage seminars and courses, and they have proved ineffective long-term. Do not despair, because I am here to tell you what helped me rebuild and restore my marriage to what it was in the beginning.
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So a few years ago we were struggling with a shallow marriage that lacked both physical and emotional intimacy. Needs were unmet and unfulfilled on both sides, and both of us felt unhappy in a marriage we both felt was a loveless one. We tried our best not to let the strain of our relationship affect our kids, as we were both good at prioritizing the kids’ needs over our own. We both soldiered on by allowing our work careers to be a distraction and a disguise to the bitter pain of our relationship. We eventually tried seeing an expensive marriage counselor and committed to a period of marriage therapy. We even attended marriage seminars, but all these solutions were short term fixes…nothing sustained our marriage recovery for the long-haul.
Honestly, whatever I tried it didn’t seem to work. I remembered feeling helpless and full of despair. Among my close friends and family I felt ashamed to even talk about my marriage. Their relationships seemed so much better than mine, even though I have been married longer than many of them….maybe you can relate.
To keep this short, six months ago a friend of mine recommended trying something that had worked for him in the past so that I could save my marriage from the brink of divorce. I had nothing to lose by trying it out…since then things have been different. There’s of course the odd day when we have arguments, but now we reconcile our issues a lot better than before. The program taught me one of many things…that intimacy in marriage is a vital ingredient to save my marriage and build a happy renewed relationship like when we first met…

I wanted to start making videos on YouTube to share what worked for me, but everything that helped me can be found from the link. That link should pop on the video now….and also I’ll include it in the description below.

It’s hard for me to create a video about how I managed to save my marriage, because it’s personal. Hence why the video is short….but I hope what I shared can help you like it helped me…
Thank you for taking the time to listen….”
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