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  1. Now who would’ve thought that you were a prayer warrior? I’ve been following your channel since before you were pregnant and when you use to vlog! But girl if only people would take your advice, there would be so many saved marriages. Congratulations on saving your marriage. People love to show the happy moments but not the struggle. Continue to tell your story!

    1. Jaydee Rose thank you so much ❤ I was hesitant at first to post it but I truly want to show people that God has helped me and he can help them too.

  2. You have such a beautiful soul & story. Thank you so much for posting this. From one military wife to another, I pray God continues to bless your lives <3

  3. I’m so happy for you Zae and your husband that God came in through your prayers to restore the love and joy!! You said the key person that we all lack to go to in certain moments and try to work it out on our own!! I’m proud of you and him for not giving up and fighting for your love and marriage. Thank you for being honest, bold, faith filled and sharing your life with us. May god continue to bless you all!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘

  4. thanks for sharing and being real about what happened! this really helped me…..sometimes things have to get worse before they get better.

  5. wow my bf was serving there!! girl i really hope that i get married one day, but i am scare because it’s not like your getting what you want!! i love hearing your videos =]

  6. Thanks for sharing. This was absolutely beautiful! All marriages go through hardship and divorce comes up more times than wanted. But when you PRAY, God works!

  7. Am so happy for u, me and my husband we married very young, I was 19 and now we are having a little baby, but it’s very hard we fight every day and we hit each other and our love for us changed in hate .. it’s so sad, I have prayed, fasted, but the hate is getting bigger and bigger. 🙁 may God have mercy upon us

    1. Melanie Yeshua I’m so sorry. Keep praying for the both of you and always try and walk away when arguments get heated. Having a baby around that hostile environment isn’t good. You guys are in my prayers ❤️

    2. God says pray but if you are being hit then you do need to separate yourself, you are having a baby and a physically violent environment is not where you want to be. God bless you all🙏🏿

    3. Hey honey I totally understand where you are going through but sometimes yes fasting is good and praying is good but make sure you also let him know you are worth is and remember why you are there in the first place and try to be kind. If it does get worse remove yourself

  8. I stumbled across this video and I just couldn’t stop crying this is legit me it’s not a coincidence to me at all

  9. Thank you so much, o may God you gave me so hope because listening to this, wow I am in the exact same situation you are was in. So thank you, this is confirmation

  10. Thanks for sharing. I’m in a similar situation. My husband wants a divorce. I don’t. I feel like giving up. The more I pray it seems like there is no change. He says his mind is made up. I prayed years ago for God to bless me with my wonderful husband and he did. I know what I want. I need my husband. If he follows through with the divorce our whole family will be ripped apart. Our children from different marriages have such a close bond. I saddens my heart deeply. I cry and pray for our marriage daily.

    1. Tia Williams You need to let it go. You need God not your husband, right now. Thats where the resistance is coming from. God should be your #1.

    2. crooked truth83 You are definitely correct. Since I have put God first , things have turned around. Thanks.

    3. Tia Williams
      I am in the same situation i ask for prayer please! I am a beliver but i am going through the fire and my husband says that there is no solution being decieved by the devil. I do not want to give up my mirriage😢😢

    4. michelle J One thing that I had to do was put God first over everything. Prayer was the first part of waking up and going to bed. I will pray and believe with you.

    1. Zae Hudson yes. It definitely is a compliment. Is it Timothy in the Bible who said don’t let others put you down for your youth?. You’re doing a good job giving other Young married women good advice. Marriage is supposed to be a blessing. It’s work but worth it

  11. This is a powerful story and very helpful. This is a story that needs to be heard, everyone struggles and growth is built through struggle. Loved this story

  12. When you mention God being the third cord. I got a big lump in my throat, and almost bust out crying. With me I’m more the spiritual person, and my husband basically an infant. This video made me reevaluate some things in my marriage.

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