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  1. @uqgtilq
    I Got my ex back after 2 weeks. You’ve just got to know how to deal with the situation. Watch this video and learn => bit.ly/MslfXH?=uuzgjh

  2. Yes, it goes like a dream because you want to believe it and he’s scared but don’t worry, once a cheater always a cheater. They don’t learn out off there mistakes. They feel like they should be good for a month or 3 and then they slowly begin again

  3. i believe that it is never too late to avoid divorce and save your marriage! i have gone through difficult times recently but im so happy with my spouse now. this site helped me turn things around… bitly.com16tN4H2

  4. Thanks a lot for this wondeful video!

    I was fighting with my spouse every day and it was affecting my children.

    my ex-friend asked me to use this “HubbyTrack” mobile app which helps to record and report all behaviours of the spouse which can be discussed and this brought in lots of factual discussions and avoided all imaginery fights!

    I am lot more happy now!

  5. Why am im just seeing this??????????? im still married but my husband still doing the things  we agreed not to do.

  6. very sweet but girl i hate to tell you and be a downer but A… men are liars B hes just found away around you feeling the way you do and he learned by reading your
    i want list
    how to not to make you feel so he doesnt have to be botherd by your worring and having to be accountable they lie after you get comfortable and its a wrap there never satisfide

    1. Women are just as bad as men. They are liars too. We’re all not perfect. And there is never a thing called the “one”. It’s called working things out.

  7. Sorry, as you can tell I suck with names. His name is treitan mellory, and he was the one that saved Jeff’s marriage. Sry, do not have the URL bookmarked, so you might want to google him instead.

  8. Does the 30 days no contact with with an alpha female? I’m so lost. My wife is the most strongest, beautiful alpha female ever, also a lawyer. We’ve had 4 ruff years out of 13 years together. To her, one ruff day is too much.

    I’ve been going over the mend the marriage program every day… It’s a huge help but my wife is a different type of person. Very stubborn, protective and no nonsense. All qualities that make her into the successful lawyer she is – which I’ve always appreciated about her.

    She is never wrong. Honestly, I’ve learned to really take her advice because she’s usually right. The reasons for our separation is some miscommunication that has lead to years of misunderstandings that is now the reason for our separation. Once she is set on an idea, there is no convincing. So these past few years, her view of me has been so off base that she has become verbally abusive, she’s said some really really hurtful thing in the past. Things I’ve confronted her on, but she’ll rarely take the blame.

    I was lucky enough to have her agree to giving me a few months to turn this around…I have no problem owning my part in this and as the mend the marriage program suggests – i can save my marriage on my own. I know my flaws and how over contributed.

    However, because of her stone wall nature… I’m afraid the “no contact” rule will not work. Although she’s willing to give me a few months to turn things around, she’s already narrowed her search down to two divorce lawyers. Her patience is very low too. She’s willing to give me time to turn things around but I’m afraid, that time is like 72hrs… I’m exaggerating of course, but I’m trying to illustrate how little patience she has…30 days seems to long for no contact…I feel like I’ll know if she’s missing me if I don’t hear back after 30 minutes of no contact…

    This is the hardest thing I’ll ever have to do… If I’m able to turn this around, then i know I can do anything. I’m so worried that I’ve already lost her, that I’ll be getting the divorce papers any day now. I love her so so much. Our little family of us and our little dog is my whole world.
    She’s the most beautiful girl ever and I know I’m not naive in thinking that it’s worth saving… How do you deal with such a strong personality, an alpha female? I’m so lost.

    Fyi. Our issues have nothing you do with infidelity or lack of good sex. My life as a freelancer is one of the main issues.

  9. The biggest advantage I have acquired from this save my marriage guide “bomto comely date” (Google it) was perspective. There were a lot of lessons regarding how to look at what was occurring in my life from a distinct angle. The true examples from real individuals provided me insight that one could really survive an affair!

  10. Lot of relationship ending in divorce. Why? We should get married when our spirit aligns with the other person in the equation. Then you both surrender your love to each other. There are billions of people out there and settle for a life of unhappiness? Because actions are Love? Lies! Love is the easiest thing, yet the hardest thing to obtain. Love takes pure surrender to them whom you love. Actions prove where the heart is but you can despise someone and do right by them. Doesn’t mean you have a loving, spiritual connection. You feel alone and single? Thank God. Stop making excuses for people that never love you the way you want to be loved or the way you love them. They obviously don’t love you unconditionally as God loved us. They love you up until their conditions take effect. That isn’t love BTW. That is false Love. It parades as love but it isn’t genuine. It takes ownership of you and does not exhibit trust. One must abandon themselves to loving you as you love them then it is true love. Got a partner trying to win every fight they start, kick them to the curve. Love isn’t about winning, it is about cultivating understanding. It is about making sure the one you love wins. Remember so many people call False Love as Love. Love is built on trust. If you trust that means you love. if you do not, you do not love. God trust us to follow Him or He wouldn’t talk to us inside. He trusts and when we show faith in that trust, we show God we love and are worthy of his trust. God then leads our paths in the way we should go instead of the way we will do. The two paths are wildly different. Marriage is about Glory of God. God command man to love their wife as God did for church. It means he will sacrifice himself to lay down his life to meet his partner need. Putting your family in first priority so that she will respect him n honor him. When man leads home with Gods spirit, His wife will be submit to him and trust his lead.

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