How Logitech’s Universal Remote Can Save Your Marriage

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Welcome to a universal remote that actually works well, and is simple to set up. The Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote can replace up to 15 of your remotes, and turns all your home entertainment equipment on with a single button.

Digital Journal — More home entertainment choices means more confusion. What remote do I use when? A coffee table can be littered with as many as a dozen remotes, but Logitech's new device seeks to include all those functions into one unit. The Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote (clunky name, indeed) provides one-touch access to watching TV or movies, playing video games or listening to music.

Winning a CES 2008 Design and Engineering Award, the universal remote features a full-colour touch screen and backlighted buttons for easy navigation at nighttime. Just push one button to switch from watching a flick to listening to tunes.

The Harmony One is also sleeker than the clunky gadgets people have come to expect from a TV remote. Logitech's device is coated in a piano-black top and silver base, while also sporting a curved shape to fit ergonomically into any hand.

In this episode of Digital Journal TV, we'll show you why Logitech's Harmony One is a unique home entertainment peripheral perfect for any tech junkie. It's simple to use, easy to set up and it actually works well.

This episode also features an interview with Ashish Arora, Vice President and General Manager of Harmony Remote Controls at Logitech. Arora explains why the company has high hopes for its latest remote.

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20 thoughts on “How Logitech’s Universal Remote Can Save Your Marriage

  1. After spending tens of hours getting NOWHERE programming a Harmony remote, this is just meaningless advertising, it is not a subjective “review” so don’t be conned like I was.
    Some products will not work at all with it, and the only hope is some other user has previously CORRECTLY programmed your devices, as any errors users make will be passed on from Logitech, rather like a virus! An unusual product, where LUCK, and other user’s hard work is the only way you MIGHT get yours to work!

  2. I know why it’s a marriage saver… because it increases the WAF of your home theater system.

    WAF = Wife Acceptance Factor

    If your wife has to push a bunch of buttons on a pile of remotes just to watch a little TV, she won’t ever appreciate all the awesome equipment you worked so hard to buy and assemble. Put a Logitech Harmony One in her hand and she’ll probably let you buy that killer new a/v receiver you’ve had your eye on for so long.

  3. Lol, I’d say youre just a noob. Yes it will take its time to programm it, but once its working its really really fine. Also the Logitech Support is really good, you can write them your problem and they will help you very soon. If you have a device which is not working, they will programm it for you.

  4. I’m watching DVD with a DVD Player, a TV, a Receiver and a Subwoofer. Yes it took me more than one hour to programm everything right, but now i dont want to miss it as i only have to press one button (in order of many buttons on four remotes!)

  5. This remote as with all Logitech’s remotes, can be a bit fiddly to set up, but in the end if you take your time, and use a bit of intelligence the time spend is well worth the effort.

    This is the second remote from Logitech I’ve bought, and the result is actually better than what my current TV remote is capable of.

  6. My Sony TV (KDL-46W5500) has several AV/hdmi ports but only one button, so you have to either press the same several times, or select the right input from a menu system.

    With the Logitech it’s possible to choose a single input channel with just one instruction.
    That means it’s faster, and a lot faster when the remote is turning on several other things at the same time.

  7. Unfortunately this is not achieved with the factory setting of the remote, but can be achieved by fine tune the workings of your system.

    All in all I cant imagine not to use my Logitech remote, because It’s a lot easier to use when it’s set up correctly.

    Just be patient and think about how you want your system to work, because this remote can do it for you.

  8. Man Ive got an XBOX, Blu ray, surround sound, foxtel and a PVR. This thing fucking rox cheaper on Ebay around $120 Au

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