How The 5 Languages of Love Will Save Your Marriage

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Hey, Brad here with another marriage saving video! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a marriage expert based out of Vancouver, BC… and I’m the author of the best-selling Mend The Marriage program – an online course designed to help save you and your spouse’s marriage as quickly as possible.

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The first love language is the act of giving or receiving gifts. Often times words don’t do enough to express the kind of love that you want to give your spouse… sometimes, instead, a heartfelt or meaningful gift could do the trick. People who prefer this love language expect to be given gifts on special occasions … and they often love giving gifts as well.

The second love language is quality time – and this one is pretty self-explanatory. People who have a proclivity for this love language prefer spending time with his or her spouse. This could take the form of dates, hikes, adventures, or a good conversation.

The third love language is actually my preferred love language… and that’s ‘words of affirmation’. People who prefer this mode of expressing and receiving love like to compliment their spouse whenever they feel the need to. I, for one, love the feeling I get when I compliment my amazing wife… and in return, she expresses her love with this next love language…which is…

Love language 4… acts of service. Some spouses expect gifts and quality time, but others expect help with the house chores, help with driving the kids to school, and help with making home cooked meals. People who prefer this love language love doing these favours for his or her spouse and expect the same in return!

So in order to ameliorate this issue, you need to fully understand, first and foremost, what YOUR preferred love language is… and of course, you need to figure out what your spouse’s preferred love language is. Now some of you may instinctively know what kind of love language you prefer based on experience, but sometimes it can be helpful to take Chapman’s helpful quiz to figure it out… and of course, you should encourage your spouse to do the same.

You can click the description below to take this quiz… it’s a super short one and it only takes a couple minutes to complete.

Once you complete that quiz, you’ll be given a score determining your preferred language of love. And from here, you and your spouse can communicate to each other what he or she prefers and act accordingly. For those of you who already know your preferred language of love, please do me a favour and VOTE for your language by clicking here (point!)… if you’re on the YouTube app on your phone or if you’re on a laptop computer, you’ll see a little exclamation mark on the top right here… just click it and vote for YOUR preferred love language.

Now… although Chapman’s 5 love languages may sound like pseudoscience, one study conducted in 2006 stated that this concept may have some degree of psychometric validity – but regardless of the studies, thousands of people have attributed the success of their marriage to this concept! Not only that, but I’ve read his book and have applied these ideas to my best-selling program, Mend The Marriage… you can grab a copy right now, risk-free, at I also recommend Chapman’s book, the 5 love languages, it’s also a great read.

Now that’s not the only way I can help you apply these 5 languages of love… you can also hire ME as your marriage coach as well. Some marriage counselors out there charge hundreds of dollars per hour… and not only that, you have to get your partner to agree to attend counselling as well. But with my coaching program, it works a little differently…

All you have to go is go to to learn more about it. On that page, you can sign up for my 1 on 1, confidential email coaching program. Once you sign up, just send me an email outlining your marital situations and I guarantee a response within 48-72 hours. That means you can email me whenever you want (as long as you’re subscribed)…AND best of all, you don’t need your spouse’s approval to get help today! You can start saving your marriage NOW even if your partner won’t even talk to you. So again, to check out that coaching program, just head on over to

Alright, that’s all for now, folks! Thanks for watching and hopefully you can use Chapman’s 5 love languages to save your marriage today.

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  1. U r ryt. Bt i m always confused choosing gifts for can I choose a gift that he loves perfectly.. pls lemme know

    1. You’re welcome! You never know who else can benefit, so if it’s not too much to ask and if you haven’t already, please like, share, and subscribe to my channel so you won’t miss any of my upcoming videos. I’d really appreciate it! 🙂

  2. Brad help! I wish I would have read that book 2 months ago before my ex gf broke up with me. Finished reading the book last night good book. I really think that book would have saved our relationship! We have 2 months since she moved out and I did no contact a bit maybe 3 weeks. What should I do to get her back even tho she says she wont change her mind??? That way I can implement the book

    1. I wish i could say…. But i want to comfort you.
      I don’t know how as well…
      My LDR broke up four days ago…
      So i want you to know… You’re not alone….

    2. You have the book now? Follow it down to a tee! Once you’ve completed the “no contact” rule, it’s time to use the text messaging tips and the bonus materials on there!

  3. My boyfriend broke up with me 2 weeks ago he said he got bored of our relationship and that we had too mucj issues and I don’t think that is true but however I didn’t want to let go of him so i send him messegaes every day and yesterday I decided to have no contact period and I told him we shouldn’t talk for about month and I told him if he miss me to call me but I’m afraid he will forget about me completely and start something with someone new and I don’t think I would be able to handle that I really want him back ..we have been together for 9 months and we really loved each other even now we cried when we broke up I think I’ve made mistake for texting him every day but what if he never calls me and forgets me after no contact period?please help me

    1. Play your cards right and notice the world of difference that this can make. Stick to the “no contact” rule this time. A situation with an ex is often fragile, so you’d really want to omit, if not minimize these mistakes. Start with the 30-day straight “no contact rule. It’s one step forward, two steps backward with an ex & there are no unlimited chances with them, so if you can do it right moving forward, then do so. Check out my guide so you won’t end up making the same mistakes. Good luck!

  4. Hi, I’m afraid that my ex is dating my friend..does that mean i don’t have a chance in getting him back if they are dating?

    1. Well, keep in mind that the new girl isn’t you and if your relationship had been particularly good for the most part, then you can use that knowledge to your advantage. Your ex is likely rebounding, especially if yours had been a long-term or serious relationship. Watch these first: and But don’t rely on that fact alone. Learn to play your cards right as well and go by these principles: Good luck!

  5. I have started the No Contact with my wife after she said she does not love me anymore. But I feel she will move on and replace me with her female friends as she has a strong bond with them

  6. Hi Brad, help please,I followed the no contact rule for exactly 2 weeks,after I post a quote on my social media, my ex blocked me, what do I do now? why did he block me?

    1. Blocking you could just be your ex’s way of coping so I wouldn’t worry too much about it if I were you, at least not initially. If you stay blocked after months though, then that’s another story, especially if you have no other means of communication. More about that on here: Anyway social media should be the least of your concerns. Focus on all three phases and your ex may naturally unblock you, in time, as you learn to rebuild that attraction and re-attract this ex back to your life.. Here are the basics of all three phases to getting an ex back: and social-media wise, here (but then again, don’t let it become your sole focus) : Good luck!

    1. Once you’ve already completed the full 30-day “no contact” rule and assuming you did it correctly, then the texting tips here will be a good starter: This means you take time focusing on the second phase and eventually the third phase when the time is right. This won’t happen overnight, of course, but it’s something you ought to continue to work on to the point where you’re gradually building attraction again. This is what my guide is for. Have you checked it out yet? It’s too complicated to explain everything on here, but here’s an overview of these phases and what to expect in each one: Good luck!

  7. Dear Brad, I Love your vids man i’ve just subscribed and i bought your ex factor guide e-book. It’s simply amazing!
    Okay here’s the problem. I just broke up with my ex three days ago, We’re 15, but the problem is that she lives on the other side of the world..
    We’ve been on the relationship for four months. On the brake up, She said she was really busy, she’s been dealing with alot of issues and she said she was just not ready for a relationship. I cried myself to tears. I barely can sleep for two days. Yesterday i was reminded of you because of a thumbnail vid. I watched them all by now, and i bought the e-book today. I just wanna know your take on the situation before i began the send the email and begin no contact.
    Thanks Brad

  8. My wife moved out yesterday. Obviously something that I didn’t want. I am in for fighting this and I have bought your mend the marriage book. She asked to have our bank account separated. Is my chances over if she does or wants this?? Please help

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