7 thoughts on “How To Fix Your Marriage When Your Spouse Won’t Speak To You!

  1. What if you are the peace/fun/soft side that doesn’t talk but wants to feel safe enough to open up? do we have a way to help ourselves open up?

  2. You are using a term from my book Softhearted Woman Hard World. When you are softhearted, you give people many chances and want people to like you. If you don’t feel safe, it’s because you are likely with someone who is hard natured; they’re less patient/flexible and want to see results. Ask them to clarify what they need, mean & what would make them feel secure. When you ask questions, you are not making statements. Questions create less conflict since it is a discussion, not confrontation.

  3. This is a great video because it perfectly describes my situation. My wife is Japanese so I am not sure how that cultural part comes into play however. Japanese tend to hide their emotions as it is seen as being weak.

  4. Not safe enough bc they have lied to get away with sexual behaviors then wife gets upset NATURALLY, then husband blames wife for HIS lies then wife try’s to fix disconnect but husbsnd is always right so there is no fixing.

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