How to Keep Your Marriage Flying High

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For many couples, they fall in love and are optimistic about their future. After years of marriage, they take each other for granted. This doesn’t have to happen to you. You can fly high in marriage.

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Jimmy Evans is one of America’s leading experts on family and marriage relationships. He is Founder and CEO of MarriageToday™ and co-host of MarriageToday with Jimmy and Karen, the marriage ministry and national award-winning broadcast that airs to millions of homes each week. A popular church and conference speaker, he has also authored a number of books, including Marriage on the Rock, Our Secret Paradise and The Right One.

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27 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Marriage Flying High

  1. Pastor you have no idea what your teachings have saved us from. I’m so grateful to God for you and your beautiful wife. God bless your ministry.

  2. He is not teaching what the bible says about marriage. I listen to clips. He is teaching husbands to lay down their authority & headship in a marriage. He is teaching lay down & acquiescence to your wife feelings not scripture. This guy is dangerous. He says one thing oh so dangerous. If a married couple separates but attempts to get back together. His word “if the wife feels the husband is truly sorrowful & repented let him back in”. There is no bible for that at all.

    1. @Wormanatti you’re telling on yourself with your first sentence. I believe hurt people, hurt people. I pray that you can see Jesus’s love for you and heal you of your hurt and broken heart. I disagree with your opinion of the pastor. He teaches submission in wives to their husbands WHEN they’re both walking with God. Marriage only works when it’s a cord of THREE – God, husband and wife.

    2. @Angie Bumbalough Please you don’t know what you’re talking about. 15 yrs in with my wife. She know her feelings don’t trump what’s right. Ain’t but one head in this family & that’s me. I’ll defer to her many times on things I like her opinion/input. But the buck stop here she’ll never run the house or me. I ain’t hurt about jack sh#t. She not infectwd like many of you christian cretin women with feminist, liberal bs. I love that lady she not perfect by any stretch but I hit a homerun with her.

    3. @Wormanatti I am a Christian, I am not a feminist. You sir are VERY judgemental in your comments. I get the feeling you’re not a Christian? (From your comments alone) They don’t seem to be Christlike. I respectfully disagree with your opinion about the pastor and attitude towards marriage. But I’m happy I’m wrong about the hurt. It definitely a good thing to be celebrating 15 years of marriage in this crazy day and age! Congratulations on that sincerely!

    4. @Angie Bumbalough Don’t the good say (he that is spiritual judges all things…) I’m actually not judging anyway. I’m weighing the matter. You dang skippy I ain’t no Christian. 1000% believe in Yah whom you call “god”. Christian respectfully don’t mean nothing these days. Shoot most Christians ain’t even Christian if you line up their life & belief verse scripture. Anybody can be a Christians these days. Y’all don’t renounce nothing just come & stay as you are….

  3. How do you deal with the complications of your spouse enjoying sex with another person?
    I don’t know what else want to do.
    I’ve learned to live without sex because I think its gross to share the spouse with others. I don’t do open sex stuff. That’s gross.
    We have two kids at home still so I don’t want to break up the family.

    1. Get out don’t accept 2nd best and it’s not becayse of the kids that you stay Have boundaries and take action

    1. Chas and Carrie Griffiths
      Pastors don’t save anything nor any one
      Is only the Grace of God and your obedience to his scriptures the only hope for restoration of all things in Christ Jesus
      We need to focus on his word, tru that sometimes we need a hand and shoulder to lean on when tired and while in dispare But we are not to believe people can save us or fix us.
      We need to make a decision to change our ways and seek his face in prayer and supplication to him only ,
      We are way to accustomed to expect people or something or someone else do things we need to do….ask Jesus and the Holy Spirit for guidance and strength to follow him
      God bless

  4. Dear brother my wife works night and I work days how can I keep the fuel or connection with her while I’m sleeping shes working!

    1. I’m not a counselor but I’m a believer in the power of God and his intervention specially when we seek him Firts for help and advice. Pray so that God can fix your schedules and re organize your life… prioritize her needs and align them to yours , God will make it work for both of you, but talk , talk and talk a outh this with your wife and make her aware of your concern and how important is for you to make things work, then she will also seek God for guidance and God will bring them together in unity and help them get things right
      God bless you

  5. There are comments on here about Jimmy talking rubbish and not biblical…..well, every word he is saying is true and found in the Bible, which you need to study in depth. What he is saying does work, I have seen it several time and he has likely seen it hundreds if not thousands of times. I think he might know best whether it works or not.

  6. Father You are never contained, and neither am I when filled with the Holy.

    “For the days will come upon you when your enemies will throw up a barricade against you, and surround you and hem you in on every side.”
    Luke 19:43

  7. Please HELP how to deal with each other’s differences. Im not a Procrastinator however husband is i like acting on things to go forward but u wait for hubby of HIS time and He is always right iam a Perfectionist and he is heavy-handed. Pride which gives him the right to control everything . And our life styles are different. How do we communicate with grace to Compromise?????

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