How To Save A Marriage – 3 Things You MUST Do To Save Your Marriage

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How To Save A Marriage

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I want to share a personal experience on how to save a marriage

A close friend of mine came to me once asking for help on preventing a divorce

He was devastated, I didn't really know what to advise him, I just supported him and told him it would be ok

A couple months later he came to me with a smile on his face, he was the happiest I'd ever seen him

His marriage was completely saved

This was over a year ago and he's given me a few insights into what helped the marriage, and I want to share them with you in this video

There were a lot of factors that saved his marriage but I’m going to highlight 3 things that really helped

#1 Stay calm and positive, only when you're relaxed and focused will you begin to see the bigger picture

#2 Find and use your spouses love language, find what your spouse yearns for and deliver it with love

#3 Be open and begin talking about the issues that are coming up in your marriage

These are just three things and I’d love to show you more, click here to learn how my friend saved his marriage:


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How To Save A Marriage
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28 thoughts on “How To Save A Marriage – 3 Things You MUST Do To Save Your Marriage

  1. Thanks for the share. Marriage is really an never-ending battle and unfortunately it is difficult to find help. The three tips you gave are really solid.

    1. Yes,marriage is a sacred one that must last for a lifetime, what ever problems that may arise we must find a way to settle in the best and fast we can. The three tips in this video can really help a lot. We can start doing this now.

  2. Find and use your spouse’s love language. – that is a strong advice. All advices are good but this second one is really good.

  3. Great video with nice explanation. Thanks for sharing this very helpful and well-experienced information. I’m sure that it will be very useful for many people.

  4. These are the best recommendations I’ve heard, and it’s good that it’s a real experience of your own! thank you very much for sharing

  5. Totally satisfied with the video shown and done by his person, making known his knowledge on the subject that is: How To Save A Marriage – 3 Things You MUST Do To Save Your Marriage. Great! Thanks a million for creating your video as an example for the whole society and more for many people who visualize their video with complete knowledge with their detailed presentation within their video. I give faith and corroborate that the mini course that you dictate and the lessons of this video are fully effective and exclusive. First video that shows on the Internet that is as real and free as this one. Truly THANK YOU FOR YOUR GREAT CONTRIBUTION. Congratulations and successes in the present and a future!

  6. I believe the most important thing is respect. Love is full of emotions and sometimes you may not able to control that feeling very well but if you keep your manner and be respectful your partner will understand you. Also dont be perfectionist and accept the fact that you will have bad days. Thank you for sharing your experience. I hope it will help saving marriages.

  7. thanks a lot on the valuable tips to save marriage ……. i would recommend it to my mom and dad … and everyone of my relative who need this …. thanks again and keep up the good job

  8. excellent video … it really is very good to deal with these issues that affect many couples … I consider that apart from your very good advice you need a commitment, that the couple is committed to making it work, it eliminates all the nicknames, stop pointing the finger, blaming and embarrassing. A toxic relationship can not prosper. The outbursts of anger away the love and trust of the couple. Instead, take responsibility for your feelings.

  9. I really appreciate it Thank you.very helpful and well-experienced information three no talking be open and being talking about the lssues that are
    very nice

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