How To Save A Marriage (and Ruin Your Life)

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In this fun and breezy comedy about the battle of the sexes, carefree bachelor David Sloane (Dean Martin, Rio Bravo) tries to convince his best friend, Harry (Eli Wallach, The Godfather: Part III), to stop cheating on his wife by suggesting that his mistress is being unfaithful. David seeks out Harry's mistress to seduce her himself, but mistakenly meets Carol (Stella Stevens, The Nutty Professor), her next-door neighbor. What follows is a zany string of mistaken identities, misunderstandings and comic adventures leading David and Carol in and out of love. Newly remastered. © 1967, renewed 1995 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. This is as close 2 a silent movie,( in attitude, & direction) as u’ re going 2 get w/ an early ” talkie,”. Gables excellent. And this X Di. Van Dyke actually supplied him w/ an amusing assortment of flunkies. Tracy’ s barely in the film. And Jeanette MacDonald is grating.( it’ s like a Denzel Washington movie w/ Mariah Carey, or Celine Dion, or Christine Aguilar, constantly warbling through- out.) The FX boil down to Einstein like montages, & green screen- but the thing’ s wildly entertaining. And that’ s what 30′ s MGM excelled at.

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