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  1. I agree, Coach Lee. How to behave during a separation can be counter-intuitive. Once we realize our partner wants to leave, we try and flood them with affection and attention when it’s essentially too late. What we don’t do is really listen to and respect the wishes of our partners and give them the space and time they need. We don’t control them; we only control ourselves.

    1. Yes!!!!! This is amazing I’m accepting this now!!!! I didn’t take the time to listen to my husband hurt i just tried to cover it with love and affection.

  2. So the conclusion I’m drawing from this: A relationship is like a cake! It needs time and the right ingredients 🤔 great use of analogies as always Coach ❣

  3. Coach Lee help save my marriage. And when I was in the midst of a separation totally alone and depressed at my moms house his videos helped get me through a couple of the longest nights of my life. Thank you Coach Lee.

    1. A month ago my husband of 20yrs made it clear he wants a divorce. Me & my 2 girls are currently at my parents house (I’m looking for an apartment with absolutely no luck so far). I’ve been in no contact for 3 weeks & honestly I’m just lost at this point. I don’t know what to do, how to feel or if I could ever be with this person again even if it was an option right now!!! I’m happy to hear things worked out for u, it seems that’s what both of u truly wanted & it’s nice to know there’s still hope out there!!! I just don’t think I’ll be one of them & maybe that’s ok…. We’ll see!!! Best of luck to u💯

    2. Excellent Video! Forgive me for chiming in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you researched – Taparton Returning Love Takeover (do a google search)? It is a great one of a kind product for learning how to stop divorce minus the headache. Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate got amazing results with it.

    3. Atheist in Alabama Well in my case my wife and myself both have the bigger goal of raising our kids together as divorce being the very very last option. We have dealt with all kinds of relationship crisis but it was a desire to raise our children together as a family that has kept us together. It is not perfect we still have a lot of work to do but we have both changed in the process and grown to appreciate and love each other and how we have changed. And your situation it seems like the best possible solution is to respect your husband or ex-husband‘s desire to no longer be with you and MoveOn. These videos really do help listen to him he knows what he’s talking about he can help you that’s what these videos are for. When you’re ready you should seek sliding scale therapy since you’re in an economic situation and start thinking about what’s best for you and your girls moving forward.

    1. Oops. The Socratic Oath is the teachers’ pledge or oath and though similar, it’s not the same. Yes, I meant hypocritical oath.

  4. Man, I’ve pretty much reached the finish line with my relationship. In two days I’m meeting her to sign papers. I’m going to try and put these into practice, but anyway these videos are GOLD. Thank you again for having the mind to help others with this!

  5. Thank you coach Lee for this video! Me and my wife are separated due to her wanting a divorce. Coach Lee’s video’s have helped me through so much during these hard times. Also the Emergency Breakup Kit was very helpful with my anxiety and not making the wrong moves. I know this all takes time.. I’m hoping in the end I’ll be able to save my marriage!! Thank You Coach Lee! I’m so happy i found you.

    1. Me too. Wife told me a week after our anniversary while I was deployed. I got back and now Iv been in a hotel with the kids while she goes off with probably my replacement. I’m gonna wait it out and hope for the best

  6. Coach Lee is lovely and calming and helps you to get your power back . Speaks logic when you’re not feeling like acting logically .

  7. Thank you coach Lee you’ve been very helpful for me in my marriage me and my wife hasnt divorce yet but we are both are sarapated at the moment she moved back with her parents a state away and been feeling down alot but been watching your videos have helped me alot in bettering myself i’ve hit the gym more often now i lost 20ibs in 2months always been shy around people at work and in public but for some reason i broke out of that shell and been very talkative and outgoing alot of my co workers and new friends i’d made have been very attractive and asking me for help lately never thought that I’ll changed to be someone that even I can loved lol

  8. Guine advice from someone who dont me but most situation. Hoping or not, i will do best to be polite. Thanks coach lee

    1. @michael hakes
      I’m sorry this happened to you. It always make me feel weak for a minute when someone says this to me. Almost as though I didn’t deserve it & it’s okay to feel bitter & cheated. I would never wish this kind of hurt on anyone & I hope you’re doing alright 🙋‍♀️

    2. Me too 17 years…she left 7 months ago. She has BPD. It’s been a roller coaster. Still in depression.

    3. @James G
      When this first happened to me I felt like I was the only person in the world dealing with this unjust bull💩!!! Makes me really sad that so many people are going through the same thing 😢 Apparently no one knows how to be faithful or honest anymore!!! I hope you’re doing well & wish the best, no one deserves this 💩!!!!!!

    4. @Atheist in Alabama thanks. I think the depression is worsening. She contacted me just for some advice on how to fix an item in her kitchen. 99 percent no contact and it’s not working for me.. thanks Atheist for reaching out to me..

    5. @James G
      I have good days & bad days, seems the more I find out the more hurt I become but I refuse to be a victim of someone else’s betrayal!!! Everything happens for a reason, u have all the power in the world right now!!! U can choose to make this an opportunity for your best life, it takes a lot of time & patience & it won’t be easy but it will be worth it!!! U have to take time to grieve & process everything then let go so that u can find the happiness u truly deserve!!! I’m dealing with it myself so I know how hard it is, but if I can do it so can u!!! My mind has ventured into unspeakable places because of this betrayal & I can’t help but be concerned for anyone in the same unfortunate situation so please reach out to someone or even myself if u need to!!!

  9. Going through a separation right now, I’m two days no contact and it hurts so much, and i miss him so much and he just make our relationship sound so bad but it really wasn’t smh I’m so hurt

  10. Coach Lee is my Idol ! I listen to you Sir every day ❤️ I’m still on my journey to get my ex wife back. You been a blessing in my life enlightening me day by day especially during the hard times and about to give up .. You touched many lives out there you touched my heart to keep fighting to get my family back. God bless you, pls keep up the good humanity work ! We appreciate you so much !

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