How To Save A Marriage When Only One Is Trying

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No one ever dreams of their marriage to fail but are you at the tip of it? Does your marriage need saving but you feel like your partner isn't trying anymore? This is a video especially for you, here are the 9 hacks you need to know.

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Dr. Paul Jenkins

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46 thoughts on “How To Save A Marriage When Only One Is Trying

  1. I love your expressions. You really remind me of my eldest son, he’s ten. He’s just as expressive:) Love your video’s !

    1. Maybe he will have his own YouTube channel someday, Alberta de la Guerre. Thanks for commenting, you made my day.

    1. Agreed. You can really insert anything into that line. Kindness begins with me. Forgiveness begins with me. Empathy begins with me. You are so right, Chiara G.

  2. Great timing per usual. Keep the videos coming. You have great insight and a beautiful execution of explaining situations.

  3. Great video!! I just love your expressions…you get the point across while making me laugh! You are very helpful, as always…thank you Dr. Paul!!

  4. I do like your videos Dr. I wonder if it is actually worth saving a marriage if only one is trying. I might as well become his mommy by doing an extra 5%. 🙁
    No offense.

    1. I think I know what you are saying. We do want the other person to contribute more but it is a way to keep the marriage going until the other person trusts again and realizes they want the marriage to continue. Sometimes we need to let go but usually we want to know we did everything we could, S Lee. Thank you for commenting.

    2. @Live On Purpose TV Thank you so much for replying Dr. Appreciated! I’d love to be in a marriage where I only contribute 5% and be OK about it. Who doesn’t. And there are many who does the 5% thinks that’s the way it is and not letting go of the marriage when the 95% gets tired and disappointed. When the 5% are constantly in their 5% zone, is it time for the 95% to stop and break up?

    3. I like the idea, but I honestly think gender divides become very apparent in these situations, the man usually will be more logical and generally the woman deals with all of this emotionally. I think being on either side of it, but us being the 95% have to take that into consideration too. If you run a relationship logically, like a boot camp it wont always work, and vise versa, there has to be an understanding of the desires and needs of the other person.

    4. That is a hard question to answer, S Lee. Most people want to feel as though they did everything they could before ending a marriage and this is a way that they can do that. Hopefully they save the marriage.

    5. @H J x2 Why stay in something where you are the doormat? “If the dont meet your standards lower them?”
      If its that bad, nothings changed, move on.

  5. “This is about where people turn off the the video…” 😂
    So unfortunate because this realization that you can only control YOU is sooo freeing! Enlightening, really.
    I’ve noticed my taking this approach has not just helped me let go of some issues, but my husband can’t react how he normally might have because I won’t participate in arguments how I used to (for the most part). We’re both calmer and we are more often approaching problems with a mindset to solve them as best as possible rather than our old goal of persuading the other to “do the right thing” or “do the thing right”. Keeping up with the normal daily considerations, such as making his coffee for him in the morning or offering to take the kids out every so often so he can have a break, also help him see me as a team member rather than an opponent, I feel.
    (Best part is, he has NO IDEA we’re in counseling.) Thanks for this video and all the others, Dr. Paul!

    1. @Live On Purpose TV Oh my, now I feel embarassed 😅 Hey, I’ll take this chance to thank Dr. Paul for all the amazing advices. I’ve subscribed and been watching them all since 3 months ago! I started practicing the Considerations instead of Affirmations that Dr. Paul suggested a couple of videos ago.
      Love your work!💎

    1. We do all we can until there is nothing else to do, ashmara Brader. Hopefully the other person will realize the marriage is worth saving, but sadly, sometimes that does not happen.

  6. Sir can you please make vedio on how to Handle Agressive partners how to be positive while handling them.your vedio really inspire me to be a Good Human

    1. I am not really sure, Grace Bock. We might both be using the same principle. How it is put to use can differ. Thank you for watching.

  7. Great God-given principles-positivity, creativity, forgiveness n fun.Thank you do much. Possible, very possible, s’times hard to to n to be, but still very very possible-in time, in His time.There’s a song I know that goes”In His time, in His time, He makes all things beautiful, in His time,…… may each song I have to sing, be to You a lovely thing, in Your time.”

  8. Do I send her my list daily? Or is that only for my own mind? Cus I’ve already sent day one and two and planning on sending day three in the morning.

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