How To Save A Marriage With Trust Issues

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Trust is one of the foundations of any kind of relationship and when trust is broken, relationships need to be rebuilt too. How do you save a your marriage that is going through some tough time with trust? Here are 9 tips for you.

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Dr. Paul Jenkins

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41 thoughts on “How To Save A Marriage With Trust Issues

    1. I am so thankful for YouTube and getting the message out about positivity. Thank you for watching and commenting, asha bora.

    1. That is an option, Pepe Deez Nutz. There may be reasons others are willing to work on the relationship. Up to you.

  1. Dr. Paul thank you for sharing all your knowledge with us, it really helped me be a better mum and a better person.
    I struggle with anger management when parenting my 11 year old daughter. I want to write down a contract/set of rules for better communication between us, clear boundaries that will help us stop before we say things we regret ( before I say things I regret!) What do you think they should be?
    How to draw a line and move on after so many bad arguments that went too far? How to apologize and move on? We do say sorry but then bad fight happen again and again. How to fix this relationship before it’s too late?

    1. Gaia Chandler, the only person we can control is ourselves and your daughter is learning from you. When things are escalating, the best thing to do is step away and say, I am not ready to talk about this, let’s meet up in (whatever time is needed to calm) and talk about it. You could try writing out letters of what is wrong and how to solve the issue. I have three rules for parenting in another video that would be helpful for you. Contracts can be too long and difficult for a child to understand. Repect is key and once any behavior is crossing the respect line, it needs to be stopped.

  2. My daughter is 4 years old. She refuse to sleep in the afternoon after the school. She is tired and need rest but whenever I touch the subject of let’s come to sleep. She gets very angry and cries a lot. If I forcefully make her sleep she will sleep at least 2 hrs. But before that she cries a lot. She is a very hot tempered girl and her forehead starts aching. I have tried to talk with her she does not like to talk on this. How do I make her sleep in the afternoon? Thanx. Pls help.

    1. Poorva, not having met your daughter, can you arrange for a quiet activity that could ease her into sleep instead of just telling her to sleep? Reading stories is a good way as are quiet books. If she sleeps for 2 hours it sounds like she still needs a nap. Will have to think about this for a video.

  3. It’s not easy when your partner changes their mind all the time. I do blame them. Yesterday they said they want to meet me but the next morning they don’t. I don’t understand. They haven’t called me for months. Is that depression or narcissism, I can’t tell.
    I feel very insecure. I had a narcissist parent and I feel like someone is gaslighting me again and taking advantage of me.

    1. I am not sure that labeling the other person would change anything, Reeta Tassberg. It still feels the same in the end. You have some decisions to make if you want to continue to attempt a relationship.

  4. Sir Thanks. I have problem with ego like if my partner is not interacting with me why should i? Is it smart way to get your partner’s attention?

    1. Eisha Khan, you are welcome. I have worked as a clinical psychologist for over 2 decades, and what I believe in the most is loving no matter what, and even if. You might find some more help from the “How to Fix a Marriage that’s been Damaged” playlist at We also have a “Positive Relationship Resources” playlist at for more ideas.

  5. This is very helpful information! Thank you so much for laying this out so simply and positively. I have been applying these principles for the last 2 years, have been married for almost 26. What about marriages that have experienced infidelity, and the former wayward spouse wants more than anything to make things work – and the one who wants out is ambivalent, and actually has been ambivalent due to anger and bitterness for literally decades? Is this still possible, even with such a long passage of time and statements of wanting to divorce during that time period? I am fully committed and have made many changes, and dedicated to making the situation work … even though many people have said we should call it finished and move on. I feel that God has called us to remain together and persevere.

    1. Thanks for watching, Raine Saunders. I’m glad you enjoyed the video. I believe that marriages are resilient. I have seen many on the brink of divorce, only to breathe new life into the marriage and relationship. As for infidelity, please watch these 2 videos to learn what I have to say on the subject:
      “Surviving Infidelity In Marriage” –
      “How To Save Marriage After Infidelity And Lies” –
      As a clinical psychologist, I believe in marriage counseling and have seen it save relationships. Please consider that as an option. We also have 2 playlists on the channel to assist you as you work together:
      How to Fix a Marriage that’s been Damaged –
      Positive Relationship Resources –

  6. Agreed and very point to point explanation that focuses more on self analysis and self improvement meaningful hope this proves helpful.

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