How To Save Marriage After Infidelity And Lies

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Marriage is always worth fighting for but how do you save a marriage that has been through infidelity and lies? I hope this video will help save your marriage. Here are some principles to help you get through.

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Dr. Paul Jenkins

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20 thoughts on “How To Save Marriage After Infidelity And Lies

    1. You are welcome, Carmen Rejas. Glad you are finding them valuable. Let me know if there is ever a topic I haven’t covered that you think would be helpful.

  1. You make it so easy to find a path in the forest… thank you so very much for all the clear and concise plans of action for so many issues we need to resolve to have happy and healthy relationships!!

  2. Love “Forgiveness is giving up your demand for a better past”. I loved that you acknowledge we are all human and we hurt each other everyday. And we have choices and the respons-ability to change how we were programmed. You are a piece of art. I can’t tell you how much it has helped me from listening to your playlist. Thank you for sharing your passion, it gives us hope and directions for better relationships. God bless you for lifting up others.

    1. Thank you for the very kind comment, Candy Mak. I love helping people become more positive – that’s what this world needs: more positivity! I also love that you get it, you understand, and are proactive about applying the principles I teach here on the channel. It is truly an honor to be on your team!

  3. Thank you for all your videos! I have been watching a bunch of your stuff and it’s giving me hope! Your awesome! I have a up hill climb and messed up my marriage bad. I will do all I can to fix it! Better late then never! I hope my wife takes a chance and forgives me!

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