How to Save My Marriage – Advice On Fixing Your Relationship

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How to Save My Marriage – Advice On Fixing Your Relationship

Hey, thanks so much for watching my video. If you were like I was, then you might need a little help. My wife and I were having a few problems, well, to be honest, quite a few problems. We'd both try and talk about our relationship and stuff, but it always seemed to end in arguments or misunderstandings. We just didn't seem to communicate anymore. Its really crazy, we used to get on so well! But I guess, after so many years being together, that, well, we really needed to work at it, but I just didn't know where to start.

One night I was out with a buddy of mine and I just broke, I fell apart. I told him that my marriage was over, that me and my wife just didn't get along anymore, and that nothing I tried seemed to make any difference, nothing worked! To my complete surprise, he told me he'd gone through the same thing with his wife a few years ago. I couldn't believe it, they were like the perfect couple, like Homer and Marge Simpson, they were awesome together. He told me that they too had tried pretty much everything to save their marriage, and that by the end they were only together for the kids. Then his wife found this website and they gave it a go and it actually worked! I've known them for 2 years now and I would never have guessed that they'd almost got divorced just a couple of years before, they're just amazing together.

I showed my wife the site,, and she eventually agreed to give it a go. Its taken some work and a bit of time, but we're actually going to renew our wedding vows next month, and we're going on our second honeymoon in the fall. Its been ages since we've gone away on holiday with each other and we're really excited. After so long we are actually happy. I'm even doing better at work, the stress that was holding me back has just gone!

Guys, if you want to save your marriage then I just can't recommend this enough. Give it a go, its really worth it. Good luck!

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  1. Thanks so much for this video! I am going through a bit of a rough time with my wife and this video on how to save my marriage really helped. Thanks for the recommendation!

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