How to Save my marriage: Which Marriage is successful

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How to save my marriage. Which marriage is successful. In this video Andrea Cairella, LPCC in Long Beach, CA covers which marriages are successful. Couples can use these suggestions to increase the quality of the relationship and ensure their marriage is successful.

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How to save my marriage? Which marriage is successful? In this video, you'll learn how to save a marriage by using the 5 love languages so that your marriage is successful.

1. Words of Affirmation- Encouraging, supportive, kind and positive words really fill up your relationship bank account.

2. Physical Touch- You feel loved when you receive a thoughtful hug, a pat on the back, your partner holds your hand, or caresses you on the face, shoulders or arms.

3. Quality Time- You feel loved when your partner gives you his/her complete and undivided attention and you are sharing quality conversation and activities with one another.

4. Acts of Service- Any act of service that eases the burdens and responsibilities of daily life means the world to the lover of this love language.

5. Receiving Gifts- The perfect gift or gesture shows that you are recognized, cared for and valued.

From your point of view which marriage is successful? What are your secrets to save a marriage? Tell me over on the blog.

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