How to save your marriage and prevent a divorce?

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How to save your marriage?

People that are going through a divorce or others whose marriages are on the brink often come to me asking what they can do to make things work.

How to save your marriage is a pivotal question for all those who feel like they are about to lose the one they love. And so I’ve decided to do a video in order to provide you with some great tips and tools and to give you some perspective on what to do to make things right.

The answer on how to save your marriage begins with your capacity to look within and to analyze what went wrong. You need to be able to fully grasp all of your mistakes and to find concrete solutions to evolve into the man or woman that your partner always wanted you to be.

But be careful, you cannot simply look to do or act in a way that will make your ex happy. Your change needs to be genuine in order for you to have a realistic shot at making things right.

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