How to Save Your Marriage from Divorce – by Dr Kamal Khurana

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It is possible to save your marriage from Divorce !. If you have the willingness, this video gives you the core factor which will help you turn it around to positive. When you know what's gone wrong, you will be able to fix it.
It's about being a team. And if you get it right, you can certainly save your marriage from divorce.
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Marriage is when two people become one team and play the roles of husband and wife. Marriages fail when they don’t become a united team and they don’t play their roles well.
People who have failed relationships have the beggar of love inside them. And this
beggar has been there, inside all of us, since we are born. Alfred Adler, a great
psychotherapist of early 90’s, believed, that we all have one basic desire and goal:
to belong and to feel significant. I am not saying there is anything wrong about it. All I am
saying is that if everyone has this desire, then who is going to fulfill it?. In the context
of relationships and marriage, i call this desire to feel significant – as “ beggar of love
inside us.”
Having the beggar of love inside us, we do things for our partner effortfully. And,
because it's effortful, we get exhausted. With all the negativity you loose all the chances to save your marriage from divorce. Finally, a day comes very soon, when we say to
ourselves and our partner, “I have done so much for you, and what have I got from this
relationship” ?. That’s when the misfortune begins. That’s when our partner gets a feeling – that all that we have been doing, was nothing else but from our selfish intent,
and not because we cared. In a way, we ruin all that we did. This beggar of love, breaks all the pillars of a relationship. Trust, respect, intimacy, all goes away.
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