16 thoughts on “How to Save Your Marriage -This Quote Will Change Your Life!

  1. Thanks man! Spread the word – share the video on your facebook or myspace
    if you can… I want to do my part to help bring down the divorce rates out
    there.. :o)

  2. being fair respectfull and good as someone can be mate… but no one can
    change there selves with out the other person being fair respectfull and
    good too.. so its not a matter of one its a matterof both doing things
    fairly and honestly.

  3. @xifvttn I Got my ex back after 2 weeks. You have to play the situation
    right. Watch this video and learn => bit.ly/NAGfHi?=ynxect

  4. You can BE the right person, and you still have to hold people accountable
    when they lack character in the marriage. Of course we need to look at
    ourselves FIRST! But t takes two. Just needed to write that…and this is a
    great video!

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  6. My wife left me and I’ve thrown in the towel. Not all marriages can be
    saved and I’ve accepted this especially with mine. When your Spouse is cold
    and indifferent there’s nothing you can do its over

  7. there is always something we can do not telling them weve changed but
    changing for the better to please our spouse when our motive is to please
    our spouse and not ourself then that’s when they will see if I don’t do
    better then I;m going to lose this man/woman the downside t this is if
    you’ve been do everything to please your spouse and you state what your
    doing and complian there not doing that makes them not want to do its hard
    to have a positive attitude towards someone that is cold but we

  8. have to do it in order for them to see kill up with love and kindness and
    if there not affectionate and they tell you there not agree and show them
    you understand there is emotional and physical things that happens
    simultaneously if one is more physical and less emotional you have to be
    more physical if one is more emotional you have to be more emotional and
    the other will come automatically some times it seems like its not working
    but it takes time if you want that person!

  9. You are so right. Before you can improve a relationship, you need to take a
    good, hard look at yourself first. Thanks for the quote!

  10. My lucky cousin got his hands on something called “Treitan Mellory’s Simple
    Paper” (google?)… today he’s got her ex back, and he’s got that supid smile
    on his fave again lol!

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