How to Save Your Marriage

Go Here Now,To Save Your Marriage!

Samuel Child as Husband
LisaNova as Wife
Written by: Joe Egender and Samuel Child
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1) Do you think marriage should ONLY be between a man and a woman?
2) If gays are not allowed to get married, are they really equal citizens?
3) If gay marriage is allowed, do you think it will affect straight marriage in any way?
4) Does anyone else's marriage, gay or straight impact your marriage or relationship?
5) Do you think gay marriage has become a wedge issue used by some to divide people who might otherwise agree?

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22 thoughts on “How to Save Your Marriage

  1. Well, the joke is a bit subtle here, but the point is, to show how ridiculous it is to think that banning same sex marriage will somehow, strengthen the “integrity” of straight marriages.

  2. I am totally pro gay marriage, allstarchick87, and will be voting NO on 8. This video is satire. I’m glad you are passionate about the issue!


  3. Great of you to respond Lisa, I would hope to think that most people got the spoof! Same-sex marriage has been legal in Canada for almost 4 years, hopefully the U.S. can follow our lead (although that may be a stretch in some States). Thanks for the laugh… Katie

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