How To Save Your Second Marriage Before It Starts

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You find yourself embarking on the beautiful journey that is marriage… for the second time. While it may be blissful at first, at some point, baggage from your previous marriage can catch up to you and endanger your current marriage. To know just how to prevent that, watch this video as I give you pointers on how you can save your second marriage before it even starts!

00:17 Saving your second marriage
00:52 Use your first marriage as a learning experience
01:42 Take a look at your own impact on the first marriage
02:40 You are still the same person
03:28 What you're bringing into your new relationship
05:40 Do more of what works and less of what doesn't
07:18 Nine principles of making a marriage work

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Dr. Paul Jenkins

How To Save Marriage From Divorce

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23 thoughts on “How To Save Your Second Marriage Before It Starts

  1. 1) Death
    2) Divorce
    Your third D is Devil… I’ve seen people being devilish to their spouse

    Never be unequally yoke in your relationship leading up to a marriage

  2. Marriage principles
    1) Positivity. Always being positive will uplift your partner
    2 ) Values. Share values how you come together and why you are in the relationship.
    3) Humility. The willingness to change.
    4) Forgiveness. Forgive yourself, ex and move on.
    5) Respect.
    6) Love. This is a commitment to stand by.
    7) Compassion. This is the willingness to suffer for someone or something.
    8) work
    9) Wholesome/Recreational/Activities.

    Good luck in your future or present marriage

    1. Yes, it was shocking, i did too.. It’s helpful to know each other attachment styles before going into the marriage. That’s one thing I wish someone could’ve told me.

  3. 1.positivity
    2.shared values
    4.forgivness for ur self
    9.wholesome recreational activity
    thankuuu dr
    love u tons

  4. “Liked”! Before the video started. I knew this was going to be good!!
    How do you know what I need .? 🤔😲 creepy!
    THANK YOU for sharing!! Psychologist..
    I ❤ this!

  5. And your channel is cool extra extra extra cool how many videos do you post a day anyway I got so many in my feed that it’s hard not to watch him they’re so good and what is your name anyway

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