“How To STOP a Divorce” – The 4 Hidden “Laws” that Cause Divorce

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– Before you can understand how to stop a divorce, you need to know the 4 predictable "laws" that cause divorce. Most people get so caught up in figuring out how to stop the divorce that they never stop to think what their actions are doing to their spouse.

If you're begging, pleading, or pressuring your spouse to stop the divorce in any way, STOP. If there is one thing that drives divorce more than anything and that is pressure and losing control of your emotions. The more you pressure your spouse, the more they will run from you. If you have questions about the marriage help covered in this video, call my office at 262-397-8766.

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21 thoughts on ““How To STOP a Divorce” – The 4 Hidden “Laws” that Cause Divorce

  1. This is moot until you’ve confirmed that the two of are in fact sympatico and “belonged together” in the first place. That should go without saying, yet the substantial number of mis-matched marriages reflects that apparently it doesn’t… You could also argue that marriage has no natural basis anyway, but that’s another can of worms.

  2. Hi DJ, no we did not divorce. We’re still married now over 38 years, but not because we both ‘stuck with it to make it work’. She is still the same woman she was during our chaotic years together, but I stopped seeing her as the enemy when I finally understood the concepts I teach today. A single spouse can influence their spouse in a positive way by changing the environment in the marriage, I would encourage you to contact my office (Google my name) if you want to know how that is possible.

  3. Thank you for doing your research and I am surprised anyone has had the balls to publish and say that people with unstable (from some perspective) background are trouble. Such people have advanced lying, hiding, and manipulation skills developed in these environments. Add on all the strange behaviors and preconceptions (sometimes negative) about people, it can be a disaster for a newbie like me with no field experience in trauma counseling.

  4. Perhaps my “stayer” ex has seen this; I can imagine the banner of victimhood flying over his head afterward! The assumption that a “leaver” has no moral code assumes that marriage permanence wis the highest moral value that any of us can hope to attain in life. It certainly didn’t turn out to be in mine… And, my parents have been married 40 years. What I’ve learned from that wasn’t to stay married , but that I am worthy of love, and that good love doesn’t set out to neglect and hurt us.

  5. The real secret law that is not politically correct to admit or mention: divorce means PROFIT for women AND for lawyers in current unbalanced laws and state bias against men. If divorcing meant the loss of resources and the loss of a husband and father, let’s think about a natural society where a man and a woman work together, then obviously divorce wouldn’t be so popular.

    1. I don’t really see how women are PROFITING from divorce. Especially when lawyers and the Courts are constantly preying on them.

  6. Hello, I have a show about divorce and remarriage and what does the bible say on my radio station Social Info Radio I would love to have you on in this 1 hour debate on the subject, this saturday 2pm EST, which is 7 PM London GMT. Is it possible for you to make it? the interview will take place via skype.  The more views on the subject, the better. Please let me know if you can make it, would love to have you on the show. God Bless, Darren

  7. +and001ful _Me too dude. When my gf and I broke up I was devastated. I thought Id lost her forever and she wouldnt talk to me no matter what I did. And I was shocked when she responded right away. We’re talking again and its turning into more. Thanks to it.. :))_

  8. It’s psychological dysfunction based on the emotional background. thanks to this video it helped me understand why my wife just left like nothing happened and finds herself enjoying being alone and with friends.

  9. So basically the law number 1 is to not marry a girl that has daddy issues? Hmm.. Those are more rare than birds made out of diamonds.

  10. I had to file for divorce because my wife let my in-laws move in without me approving. Not only did they move in, but they took control and my wife ignored me and went along with them. I was neglected (and so my daughter is often neglected also) and so because I could not get the in laws to leave, (and one of them has a bad criminal history) I filed for divorce. My ex says she wants to save the marriage, but she does nothing to try to save it. She lies along with the in-laws. They have stolen much from me. They use my ex wife, so I had to leave and hopefully take my daughter with me.

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