How To Stop Divorce And Save Your Marriage

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Divorce is not uncommon to our society, but it doesn't mean that it is inevitable. Join Dr. Paul Jenkins and Larry Bilotta as they tackle how to stop divorce and save your marriage.

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Dr. Paul Jenkins

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15 thoughts on “How To Stop Divorce And Save Your Marriage

  1. The key is thinking more about your wife or husband. The wife spends her life on family such as bringing up the annoying kids, doing housework all the time, taking care of all family. The husband works hard to earn more money to let his family live a good life. If they have different opinions on something, they should take a step back. In the end , there will be smile on their face.

    1. mbyrd6713, it is a topic that I wish we didn’t need as much as we do in our society. It probably does need to go viral. Thanks for watching.

  2. I needed this. What a weight off my shoulders, breakthrough, whatever you want to call it. Thank you. This channel is blessing my whole family and improving our future.

  3. Wow. I never heard of such solution not to take problems personally but to focus on third party which is the past or childhood. I will try this. The possible problem is use the childhood stories against our spouse which discourages opening up.

    1. Virgie Mata, if your spouse is opposed to opening up to you, he may need a coach or counselor to speak with. It can do wonders, despite the stigma.

  4. The reason I’m still with my abusive husband is because it wasn’t his fault… it’s his childhood that made him abusive and I saw how his dad treats his mom up to now… abusive still. So I am trying to change my husband because he doesn’t want to see a counselor. These videos save not only marriages but children’s future. Thank you all for saving lives. May God bless you more. Amen

    1. I’m glad the videos are helping, Virgie Mata. I hope your husband wants to change, that is the only way it’s going to happen. I love your attitude and dedication.

    2. @Live On Purpose TV Thank you for the compliments… that means a whole lot to me. Your compliments assure me that I am not to blame for his choices and reactions. Although it takes 2 to tango and thst nobody’s perfect, it helps to know from a doctor like you that I have the right attitude somehow. You are awesome. Thank you for making this world better than you found it. I love you and your videos. God bless you more.

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