How We Became Millionaires in 5 years and Saved Our Marriage!

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How We Became Millionaires in 5 years and Saved Our Marriage!

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54 thoughts on “How We Became Millionaires in 5 years and Saved Our Marriage!

    1. First rule of investing is know what you’re buying. Nobody understands bitcoin, not even those selling it.

    2. mchristr good call man. that provides the best explanation for why so many people have made money from it. because they don’t understand it. like me. it’s pure luck.

  1. Awesome story , so does this mean money does buy you happiness ??

    1. INVESTING HUSTLER – Stocks Money Entertainment , more like a decision both of them made coming together and working things out and sticking to a proven plan offered by FPU which resulted in their marriage being saved, family staying together and yes DEBT FREE, also soon to be financially independent. So no money didn’t buy them happiness, coming together, making a decision and sticking to their game plan bought them happiness. Money was part of their results. Just my opinion.

    2. INVESTING HUSTLER – Stocks Money Entertainment lol It appears so huh! Does that mean everyone with money is happy? No, look at all the rich celebrities that commit suicide. Food for thought.

  2. How did they do that? They basically just say that they paid off their debt and then suddenly they had a 1.3 million net worth.

    1. First sell $100,000 of used furniture and junk inside your huge mansion. Then go buy a bunch of real estate at the bottom of a major market crash. Four years later, you’re rich in equity! easy

    2. Exactly, the point is that they are debt-free and now they have that weight off their shoulders. In addition, in the process of becoming debt-free they have learned to communicate and their marriage/family is stronger.

    3. Lidia Salazar What you just said still does not answer the question of how they paid of $300k in debt then Boom they are millionaires.

  3. I really enjoyed their transparency and vulnerability in this video. May God continue to bless them abundantly.

  4. Congratulations on taking responsibility for yourself. I’m happy to see it worked out so well for two nice people.

  5. Wow. I love hearing marriage success stories and financial success stories. This couple has both in their testimony. God’s way really is best! Congratulations you guys.

  6. I really loved this video. They seem really in love and you can see they have been through some tough times. I teared up when she started to cry. I started to think of my own marriage and many other marriages that are going through hard times AT THIS VERY MOMENT because of finances, debt, martial issues. Man if we all could work together and be on the same page when u are husband and wife the world would be a better place.

    1. RemiBeauty87 I agree with you totally. Some men don’t want to talk about money because my husband is like that.

    1. He said it in a nutshell: They paid off the $300k debt, then invested. When you don’t have say $2000+ in credit card &/or mortgage payments you can invest in a (or another) house. Words of wisdom.

    2. We became debt free and poof! A million dollars. The video wasn’t about “how we became millionaires.” Bad title choice.

  7. Thank tou JESUS!! I love that they placed God back at the center of their marriage! This is a wonderdul testimony! Very INSPIRING!

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