40 thoughts on “How we saved our marriage 30 days before our divorce !

  1. Let me tell you! That man loves you so so so much! Holy cow , this made me cry . I can’t wait for see what the future holds for you both! I’m going to go follow him! Congratulations ! 😘😘

  2. I notice you keep talking over him 🤔
    That shows signs of control ( in my eyes )
    Im still watching the video tho .. and i subscribed !

    1. She don’t allow him to talk at all. I immediately became annoyed because some guys and girls would need to hear his point of view. We don’t just need to hear her point of view. She’s pushy

  3. Beautiful… this is totally what I’m going thru with my husband but the roles are changed just pray God brings us back together.

  4. I like so much the way you call him big Daddy. ❤️❤️ thanks for your testimony. Keep working in your marriage, stay strong. The only thing is let your man speak more, and you should practice on having a quiet spirit.

  5. They uncovered each other’s nakedness … makes sense ! The enemy had his terrible plan, but you allowed God to be victorious!!!! Praise God for your story!!!

  6. I noticed while your hubby is talking…your on Your phone which shows lack of attention and lack of interest.and i could see he was getting annoyed. Spend less time on your self and be more attentive to your husband.

    Listening goes a long way

    1. zippy blessed that’s interesting because that was HIS phone that I was reading the questions people had asked us as my phone was being used to record . He wasn’t annoyed at all boo 😘

    2. @The Brights thank you for explaining that! It concerned me too. Maybe if you do anymore videos together, you could explain from the outset that that is what you will be doing? As it was quite disconcerting for the viewer. However, you both look so beautiful together. It is sooooo wonderful to hear a positive marriage story. I am so bored and fed up with the relentless onslaught of movies only finding the death of a marriage as an acceptable plot! Its so refreshing to hear your story.
      I rejoice in your happiness. May it last forever. : )

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  7. I’ve listened to the entire video. My wife and I are going through the same situation. The one motivation I learnt from the video is what the gentleman shirt says, “PUT THE WORK IN UNTIL IT WORKS OUT.” I always been a fast quitter but this quote just opened my eyes to continue fighting for my wife until she comes back home. Love the testimony as well. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Just make sure shes not a narcissist. If she left you for another man, theres one thing you can try. I know it may sound counter-intuitive,but the best you can do us go no cOntact. Distance makes z heart grow fonder. The worst thing you can do us chase after her,or go begging. Trust me,if you go no contact ,including soc.media and only post things that show jow great uoud life us. Dont comment on your broken heart on facebook,because thst will knky push her away. Trust me,no contact eventually works on EVERYONE. Make her worry about you moving on by going no contact for at least 30 days,post on soc.media how great your life is and mothjng abiut missing her. This takes time and patience,but its gyaranteed to work.

    2. @Eric Deadmon even if were wrong by putting themselves out there for the world to see, theyre subjecting themselves to scrutiny and judgement.

  8. They make a great couple. She said that she was “Done”, and her behavior put them through a lot of hell. It seemed like she was the one who was most irrational and off-kilter. It was a miracle that she got back on track b4 it was too late. This story could have ended badly for them otherwise.

  9. 💕💖 Making a marriage work is one of the hardest tasks on earth, but I *totally agree* that the best thing to keep in mind is to keep at it and never give up. Unless there’s no more love between the 2 of you, otherwise, you will reap what you sow! 😍

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  10. Beautiful testimony of reconciliation. That said, she needs to let him speak and tell his side without so much interruption. Please watch the video so you can see what we see.

    1. I love my partner but she’s not into God like me. I don’t want to push her or let it run my relationship. May make worse.

    2. Roman Pritchett if I can give my opinion on the situation, I feel from listening to this video I agree with a lot of the comments I have read. You seem like a great man and often times I see a lot of men like you get taken for granted. Love isn’t supposed to hurt. I was told that once when I was depressed in a relationship. A year after I left him a built a friendship with my ex he admitted he manipulated me and my mind. I’m so angry he said that because it was me facing the truth I knew then that I ignored. The hardest part was because he manipulated me and used me and I chose to play the blind eye I because so depressed I tried to kill myself I was in a coma for 3 days. I’m just saying all this to open your eyes to what they may be closed to. God put it on your heart to post this video I feel so that someone can help you. I pray this helps. Pray about it and ask God to give you a clear answer about your relationship. I pray that you guys can work it out if it’s Gods will 🙏🏽❤️

  11. My wife and I are literally about to go through a separation, and I didn’t know if there was any hope of us even reconciling, but after watching your video and hearing some of the things that you guys went through. I know that there’s a lot of growing both of us have to do, and its crazy because it sounds so similar to what we’re going to right now. I just want think you guys for sharing your story and giving hope.

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