Humor to Fix My Marriage and Avoid Divorce Save Your Relationship

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I created this video after going though tough emotional times with my wife. We fought and didn't know how to resolve our conflicts. I consulted with counselors, friends, and God. It was difficult, but humor helped to ease the pain, and I share some of the funny stuff in the video. Maybe you've had some challenges too. Cheating, lying, or just not meeting the other person's needs make it difficult for spouses to be each other's champions as you once were. I'm no comedian, but take a look, listen to the jokes, and see if you can add some humor of your own. Hopefully, you are on your way to saving your marriage before it hits a crisis. Try to avoid divorce. It isn't cheap, and it takes years to recover. If you have children, separation can be tough on them too. At the end of the video you will see where I found some good tips about how to fix my marriage.

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