I BEGGED GOD to Save My Marriage and What He Did Shocked Me

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Jared Taibi grew up in a Christian home, but his childhood and teenage years were not without painful events and mistakes. Haunted by his wounds and insecurities, he sought pain relief through pleasure, drinking, and partying. Nothing he tried provided long term relief so Jared threw himself into body building and soon it had completely taken over his life. The life raft he ran to was sinking and he was slowly being dragged deeper and deeper into physical, mental, and emotional darkness. He knew God was there, but he had seen others that God didn't come through for, so he refused to ask Him for help. When his marriage began falling apart, suicide began tempting him as the ultimate method of pain relief. At the very bottom of the pit he had dug for himself, God truly was the only one who could help Jared now. But what if it was too late? What if he didn't have enough strength left to stand up and reach out for His hand?

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