Is Your Business A Homewrecker? 3 Steps To Save Your Marriage

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Having an affair is always a bad idea, but what if you feel like you're having an affair with your business? In this video you'll learn 3 simple steps you can start taking right away if you feel guilty about all the time you spend with your business – and not with your partner.

Step 1. Make Him Your #1 Priority. Having an affair with your business means your partner doesn't feel like your main priority, which can deteriorate your relationship. Make consistent effort to show him he's #1 by verbally appreciating him often. He'll forget you're having an affair with your business if you make him #1 again.

Step 2. Blow His Mind, Regularly. If you haven't been BLOWING your partner's mind in a while, that is likely a contributing factor to his lack of support for your business. Make sure to blow his mind often if you're having an affair with your business.

Step 3. Get and Stay On The Same Page. Your partner isn't a mind reader, so be sure to clearly articulate your big business vision. Having an affair with your business will be easier for your partner to accept if he fully understands what you're trying to accomplish.

Here's how to clearly articulate your business plan:
What does your business look like in a year, in two years, in five?
What do you expect it to earn, best case scenario and worst case scenario?
What is it gonna take in terms of your daily and weekly time to make it a success?
What kind of financial commitment will it take from you and your family?
What's the timeline?
And what's your plan B if things don't work out and when do you pivot to it?

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19 thoughts on “Is Your Business A Homewrecker? 3 Steps To Save Your Marriage

  1. My husband was very skeptical for a time, but, as he saw my passion for it
    and the way I talked about it, told him what I was attempting to
    accomplish, and daydreamed with him about what it could do for us, it
    turned around. I keep telling him, “I’m so excited to get this business to
    a point where you can retire and we can fish all day and you could leave
    your job on your own terms when you want.”

  2. I’ve always blow his mind… that one was a given. ;^) There have been
    times I wanted to keep working after he got home and would be talking to me
    about his day, but I stopped doing that now. I stop everything, go to him,
    and listen face to face.

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  4. You are the real deal. People do need to look in the mirror in order to fix
    anything. Women need to learn how to take care of their man – first
    respect& second intimacy. This video was so right on including the 3rd tip
    to help him see the details of the business plan so he is patient with the
    amount of time it takes to build the business. Thanks for touching people’s
    hearts & affecting change. You know you are a leader & you know that people
    need you. You are fulling the measure of your creation

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    Treitan Mellory’s Simple Paper, I think you can google him if you want not
    only to overcome but to get back your ex.

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