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How to Heal Your Marriage with John & Lisa Bevere.

On this episode of Sid Roth's It's Supernatural, best selling authors John and Lisa Bevere were sabotaged when they got married. Their marriage should not have survived but somehow they got a marriage from Heaven. Find out what happened here.

Marriage is God’s masterpiece. He created it to express a much bigger story: His relentless, loving commitment to bring out the best in us. The dynamics of marriage have something to teach all of us regardless of where we are in life. Whether married, single, or engaged, your story is ultimately part of the divine story of marriage.
John and Lisa Bevere's candid, compelling The Story of Marriage includes:

• 6 video sessions on 2 DVDs (30 minutes each)
• 6 audio sessions on 3 CDs (30 minutes each)
• The Story of Marriage interactive book
• Promotional materials
• Bonus CD by John & Lisa Bevere

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41 thoughts on “John & Lisa Bevere | How To Heal Your Marriage | Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!

    1. +Reductionist not at all. They married their church…. Celibacy? Not everything especially pertaining to Yeshua have to do with gays. Sorry to rain on your gay pride parade. And do not mock the gospel writer’s like that…

    2. +Bodach  You clearly do not understand God’s word.  God never condoned homosexuality. He clearly has said that it is sin. Anyone can be freed from this entangling sin if they submit to the Lord for help.

  1. I have been married for 29 Years as of June 21st of 1986. I was brought up in a Christian home, my Dad was a preacher and my mother was his helper. I remember of how much love there was in my family. I am the seventh son of 8 boys, and have three sisters.
    My wife came from a family of six counting her, and her back ground family was from a violent history. Her mother use to beat her with cloths hangers, screaming at her constantly, and even throwed a knife at her one time.
    When we first got married we were the happiest couple on planet earth. About six months ago, I noticed a change in her, and it scared me which is from Satan. I knew being a God fearing Christian, I cried out to God everyday. I love my God with al my heart, and she did too.
    But going on, about two weeks ago, it gotten so bad I was in deep pain, but kept praying Lord Jesus, if it be thy will, heal my wife. I even prayed about myself, Oh Lord Jesus, if I offended her in any way, forgive me. I’ve even asked my wife if I offended you to forgive me, and she said, I forgive you but I will never forget. Forget what, I asked, she claimed that I was doing her wrong, and I said I would never, promised to God strike me dead. I mean it. She is a very jealous woman.
    I never done her wrong, I love her as much as I love my God, because I believe God gave me her. Shes hit me many times, but I would just cry out please, please””’
    She hit me one time so hard, I had pushed her back away from me, and got out.
    Please pray for muself and my marriage, and pray for her, namely Charlotte.
    My name is Roger.”’ She left me when I asked her if she wanted to spend the rest of her life with me. She screamed at me and said, No” I am sick of this, and I want to live alone by myself. In Jesus Christ name, please pray for me and bind those evil spirits that is taring our marriage apart.”’
    God bless all the prayer warriors of our Lord thy God, Jesus Christ.””’

    1. Sister Aisha, The Lord heard my cry. Thank you Jesus.””Amen’
      Me and my wife are now closer and more loving than ever, I feel God restored my marriage 7 fold.”””
      Praise the Lord God Almighty/ keep praying, God shall heal your marriage.
      I’m continually praying for you and I know if I and you believe God, in his name Jesus Christ, it shall be done.”’God bless you sister”””

    2. Evangelist Roger Griffith:God is good.?So happy for you. Plz pray for the restoration and reconciliation of my marriage.Thank you God bless u and your family

    1. +Treasurewithinu ..trying to make a fast buck, just like the majority of the people on this show, I am not judging them my sister but every time guests on this show seem to be selling something.

    2. +Peace Dweller   Are you and I the only ones who are aware of the selling that goes on here ? Do people really spend money on the stuff Sid sells?
      Do w really need special prayers and cds if we want God’s help ? I believe not. If we pray sincerely God will hear us and we will be in His hands whether He wants to answer our prayers or not. I cannot believe he is interested in whether or not we have bought stuff from Sid. It may count against us if we do because God may see it as an attempt to buy his favours.
      Does anyone agree with me ?

    3. +Reductionist I 100% agree with you, these people treat God like a business, sharing books/DVDS etc should be absolutely free and Sid should just have a separate request for donations but disguising selling as “donations” is wrong in my eyes.

    1. I’ve been investigating improving your marriage and discovered a fantastic website at Pavs partner pundit (look it up on google)

  2. Gosh today I fought with my bunny, and the entire time, God was telling me, that every couple has a moment of disagreement, I just needed to know when I wanted to stop disagreeing with my husband. My husband is so kind and patient and he never wants to leave my side when I’m angry, when I just need a breath to catch up! But I always realize it’s Satan! He whispers more and more things to get you more mad, and if you’ve forgotten something he brings it back up! But Gods reasoning is flawless I can never argue with him! It’s like a game of chess between me and God and I don’t stand a chance, he always says the most right thing! So I sit there! I love my husband and I thank God that he gave me!! ME! That adorable gentle man!

  3. Thank you lord thank you lord thank you lord. The Holy Spirit touched and strengthened me.

  4. I will Stand in the gap !! I love her and pray will be back (stronger then ever) we have been married for 19yrs … we have been separated for 7 months … but God !!
    Please pray for US!! Miriam & Carlos Lopez

  5. Please pray for me. My wife of 16 years left me with a list of things she wasn’t happy with. I addressed them all and she agrees I couldn’t have tried harder, but says she doesn’t feel any spark and cut off all communications saying she’d file when she can afford to. I believe in covenent and that she will come back and with a right heart, but its so hard filling my time and not giving in to the “easy” way that forfeits our blended family and the reward on the other side of all this suffering

  6. This is awesome, but just as concrit, those re-enactment flashbacks are not only kinda cheesy but also really distracting playing in the background while they’re talking. It’s like trying to carry on a cell phone conversation when you have bad reception and can hear your own voice echoing.

  7. You don’t understand how much this message has changed me! Thank you so so so so much for sharing this with us. Because there are so many times that I hear that couples never fight and it made me feel like maybe there is something wrong with my relationship even though I know that this was the man I was meant to be with! But thank you guys !

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