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  1. Hey hey hey, Lisa! I met my husband on Tinder okay! Granted, we weren’t as strong in our faith then but still! 😛

    1. Same for my son and his fiance. I’m not thrilled with how they met, but they are looking forward Christ now. That’s all a momma can ask. ❤

    2. @trod1972 That is awesome! God can really bring good out of any situation! Congratulations to your son & his fiance!

  2. Pray St. Anne’s novena for unfailing help in finding a Catholic spouse! From experience I can truly say that her intercession undoubtedly helped bring my fiancé and I together and help us prepare for marriage!

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  3. I totally agree with this talk, however I think the dating app point could have been explained better. Certain dating apps like Tinder/Bumble are mostly a waste of time. However, there are some dating apps that provide descriptions and details to find a real partner. CatholicMatch or Coffee Meets Bagel are good examples. Not all online dating is useless, it depends on how you use it.

  4. 🙌🏻 Preach!! I could’ve used these words years ago but thankfully I grew the courage to stand up for myself. Know your worth and don’t settle for someone you think you can change. God’s timing is absolute perfection. 💕

  5. Completely, disgustingly, disappointingly but then unsurprisingly one-sided talk.
    1) No mention of how it’s girls who gleefully offer their bodies to the jocks, bad-boy types for free which contributes to young men getting jaded and checking out of the entire mate selection process
    2) No mention of how porn, female erotica, romance novels and Disney princess fantasies have created this impossible standard in girls minds that guys have to be hyper attractive, strong, high-status and also ultra-sensitive to girls needs
    3) No mention of why if a guy meets good baseline standards of looks, competence, values (faith) then girls shouldn’t reject; no mention that girls aren’t entitled to ultra-high-level fantasy guys
    4) No mention of the fact that unless girls bring loyalty, submissiveness, devotion, dutifulness and accountability to the table, they are not worth male-commitment
    5) No mention of the fact that girls should in fact choose a guy if he is good-enough and then after the point of selection, they should look up to him and not compare him with any fictional or real-world man from sports, movies, business etc.

    Why should guys be like a tap-dancing monkey just so girls can do them the pity of selecting them as mates, if it has not been well established in culture that girls’ excess sky-high stupid demands will indeed be kept in check and that guys will be selected on the basis of baseline standards – i.e. good-enough guys will indeed be considered good-enough?

    If the selection criteria is too high, then porn will inevitably be the go-to thing for young guys instead of wanting to put themselves out there in front of girls to be evaluated like a circus monkey, and if girls themselves are too selfish, narcissistic and are not deeply invested towards guys, then yeah they will never be offered commitment and so inevitably at best there will casual sex or serial monogamy for short periods of time between some bad-boy guys and many girls.

    If girls, I mean the so-called good, moral girls out there want to be offered commitment then they have to lower their ego and accept the offer from good-enough guys and they have *show* that they are deeply devoted to these guys – no man wants to be a mere work-horse, a mere sperm-donor for kids; he needs to know that he is valued the most by his woman and so she has to pledge her devotion to him from the very beginning and then show it throughout marriage, only then will a man be inspired to sacrificially work hard for her and carry her metaphorically through their married life together with deep love and adoration for her.

    1. Progress and Peace 1
      Dudeee you obviously didn’t watch it entirely! Because she DID talk about those things!!! I just finished it ….

    2. @Alondra Ceja You made a tall claim. I’m not gonna call you names but I dare you to point out exactly at what points in the video she specifically addressed one or more specific points I raised. Next time when you talk with in an unknown situation, learn how not to make a negative assertion about another person unless you know the person or the situation. You should have used a better choice of words like “Dudeee you *probably* didn’t watch it entirely!…” instead of using the word _”obviously”._

      BTW, I do remember watching the whole video, but if I am incorrect about my points, I’d like to know the specifics of what I was incorrect about and then and only then will I take back my words and apologize humbly. Otherwise not.

  6. God bless this woman her talk and all those who hear it. “Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.”

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